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2015 I-SIFF


The first I-SIFF held in 2015 aims to deal with the impact and changesthat Internet thinking brought to the film industry in view of many Internet tycoons pouring into the industry currently. By taking the advantage of the platform of Shanghai International Film Festival, I-SIFF attempts to build an incubation platform for new stars and high-quality IP in Internet film and TV industry, a focusing platform for the explorations and thinking on the Internet film and TV industry and an interactive promotion platform for interactions among fans and experiencing Internet-enabled films.

I-SIFF consists of a series of activities, including Internet Film Exhibition, "Internet + Film & TV" Industry Investment Crossover Summit, and Internet Film Night. It aims to find promising new talents, assemble leading investors andpromote cross-industry products in Internet Film industry so as to boost the rapid development of Internet film & TV industry.

Internet Film Screening

Screening of Films ReleasedTheatrically withInternet Genes

Café·Waiting·Love   Premiere International Cinema in the Global Harbor mall    June 15, 2015   18:45

The Left Ear    Hall 1, Huayi Brothers Cinema (HBC)    June 16, 2015 18:30

A Hero or Not     Hall 1, Caoyang Cinema    June 17, 2015 15:45    Global Premiere and Fan Meeting

The Verse of Us     Hall 1, Huayi Brothers Cinema (HBC)   June 17, 2015 18:30


"Internet + Film & TV" Industry Investment Crossover Summit

The summit selects outstanding projects in the Internet film and TV industry and providesthe entrepreneurs in this industry with a platform to demonstrate, promote, and serve and dock with effective capital and resources.

Time: June 17     9: 00-11: 30

Address: Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Theme: What Matters in the Investment of Internet Films?-- Data or Works?

Special Guests:

Wang Wei: Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV

Jiao Binlong: Deputy District Mayor of People\'s Government of Putuo District

Wang Yue: Secretary General of Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association (SNAA)

Yuan Yue: Co-founder of Feimalv

Zhang Wei: President of Van Entertainment Works

Li Chuan: Director and General Manager of China Media Capital

Wang Bin: General Manager of Migu Digital Media Technology

Li Xia: Founder of Rongyi Education, Chief Producer of the Film "The Master" (2015)

Sun Jie: Partner of Taiguan Capital

Fu Zhonghong: Director and Partner of Fortune Capital

Dong Zhanbin: Partner of Qingsong Fund

Wu Yefeng: Partner of Van Entertainment Works

Zhang Suyue: Investment Director of Le Vision Pictures

Liang Wei: Founder and President of Magilm Pictures

Shortlisted Projects:

1. "Wanju 8" -- The Nursery for Web Series IP

With the company\'s original works as the foundation, internet authors, senior screenwriters in art academies, and other creation resources are combined to create screenplays in the way of IP incubation. Then professional video-making teams will turn the works into web series. During the production and broadcasting of the web series, fans participate in the interactions, the plays are changed andInternet marketing and promotion are carried out at the same time, through which, the authors are provided with a creation stage to offer the contents to the video website so that an ecological industry-chain-styled nursery for Web series IP is formed.“Wanju 8” has distributed the cultivated IP with the collaboration with the five major video websites to expand their influence and ignite popularity. Then they\'ll be extended to games, films, TV plays, novels, gifts, and other derivative fields until they finally grow into super IP.      

2. Outstanding

"Outstanding" is a video medium devoted to Internet entrepreneurship, providing the best original videos on entrepreneurial projects and stories, investors\' interviews, and others. "Outstanding" has filmed and reported more than 30 Internet entrepreneurial projects. 6 enterprises of them have obtained new funds and nearly 15 have been reported by some other media subsequently. In the future, "Outstanding" will become the first entrance for the entrepreneurial videos of mobile Internet.

3.China at Your Fingertips

It\'s an E-commerce platform guided by online videos. It\'s a reality show on Internet new media, a WeChat public account easy to be accepted by the public, and also an innovative E-commerce platform.Stars, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, industrial designers and others are invited to participate in the outdoors or studio reality shows shot in a unique camera language with a fixed style. By means of "Internet+," the shows are broadcast on multi-screen all-media channelwhere video-based chain technologyis adopted to get rid of the barriers among various platforms. The project tries to display and sell to the public high and middle level consumable artifacts that combine fashionable branded products and traditional handicrafts to create a high-quality life style and lead a new consuming trend.

4. Qihang Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The project focuses on developing an integrated solution of using efficient, controllable, and integrative commercial UAVs to conduct aerial live broadcast.Under the creation principle of "Seeing is Believing," the project aims to provide an integrated solution to cost-effective aerial live broadcast. The integrated use of revolutionary 4k scan camera and the transmission technology of high-definition pictures, coupled with efficient and integrated live broadcast system, hasmade the complicated aerial live broadcast simple, reducing the cost of the solution to 25% or even less of the traditional solutions.

By means of the UAV technology, Qihang helps bring the future within reach.

5. Entertainment Direct Asia

China\'s video self-media industry is booming rapidly, having formed a market that values ten billion RMB.Providing video self-media with comprehensive data technologies and service solutions, Entertainment Direct Asia is devoted to building China\'s leading original advertisement network and content distribution market for the Internet video self-media to dock with video self-media, advertisement owners, and video websites. In the future, Entertainment Direct Asia will make further development in terms of the derivative industries of video self-media IP. At present, more than 30 video self-media and over 40 programs are cooperating with Entertainment Direct Asia.          

6. "Crazy about Hot Dramas"

"Crazy about Hot Dramas" is one of the drama topic programs based on TV dramas.In the first season, the content of the programwas created based on different hot dramas with focuses on the plot from a different angle or the situations against common sense or the reconstruction of the plot and the ending. It is a comedy series program that digs deep on a certain topic of those hot ones in the entertainment field, the discussion among the platform users and gossips about the stars.

7. Building a Film Incubator in the Age of New Media

Firstcry is a film and TV creation team consisting of newbies with potential in the film industry. Since 2011, their online short films-- "My Spiritual Medicine" and "City of Black and White," and the notable online fantasy drama "City of Fantasy" have received a load of awards and extensive attention with their outstanding quality. Firstcry signed multiple agreements with film makers like Wong Kar-wai and major film & TV producing companies on presenting films in cinemas in short time.The video "experiments" they constantly create on the Internet have become the IP incubator of various types of films.     

8. Twenty-four Solar Terms


I-SIFF Shanghai Summit

Leading figures in the Internet film industry are invited to sort out the development of this industry and look into the future.

Time: June 17 14:00-16:00

Location: Multi-function Hall of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Theme: Guesses on "Internet + Film"

Guest Host: Jiang Changjian

Part One: The Production, Distribution, and Post Industry of Internet Films

Guests: Wang Changtian: President of Enlight Media

Wang Zhonglei: Founder and President of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation

Ren Yuxin: Chief Operating Officer of Tencent

Fan Zhiming: President of Chinese Business Division of Ant Financial Services Group

Part Two: Conventional Film & Internet Film Screening

Guests: Ye Ning: Vice President of Wanda Cultural Industry Group and President of Wuzhou Film Distribution

Liu Kailuo: President of Heyi Pictures

Li Yansong: Vice President of iQiyi and President of iQiyi Pictures

Zhang Qiang: CEO of Alibaba Pictures Group

Part Three: The Pattern of Future Market and International Competition

Guests: Wang Bin: General Manager of Migu Video Information Technology

Liu Chunning: President of Alibaba Digital Entertainment Group

Chen Tong: Vice President of Content Operation and Investment of Xiaomi Technology

Zhang Zhao: CEO of Le Vision Pictures


Internet Film Night

The event aims to be an annual film gala gathering the film crews and stars popular on the Internet and their fans that promotes the major Chinese-made films to be shown in the next half year.

Time: June 17, 18:30-21:00

Location: PearlHall, 3rd floor of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Hosts: Lin Hai, Zhou Jin, Si Wenjia

Broadcast on: youku.com, tudou.com, v.qq.com, bilibili.com

List of Guests:

1. "The Third Way of Love"

Director: ??? (John H. Lee)

Starring: Liu Yifei, Song Seung Heon, Ou Hansheng, Xu Yitong

2. "A Hero or Not"

Director: Dong Chengpeng

Starring: Yu Shasha

3. " La Historia De Un Amor"

Starring: Zheng Kai, Rayza, Yin Tao, Bowie Lam

4. "At Café 6"

Director: Wu Ziyun

Starring: Yan Zhuoling, Dong Zijian, Song Yiren

5. "Roco Kingdom 4"

Director: Hugues Martel

Dubbing: Hu Xia, Linzi

Theme Song Singer: H2K Band

6. “The Verse of Us”

Director: Wu Feiyue, Qin Xiaoyu

Guest Stars: Wu Xiaobo, Wu Xia, Chen Nianxi, Jike Ayou

7. "Goodbye Mr. Loser"

Director: Yan Fei, Peng Damo

Starring: Shen Teng, Ma Li

8. "Forever Young"

Director: He Jiong

Starring: Li Yifeng, Zhang Huiwen, Jiang Jinfu, Wei Daxun, Du Tianhao, Zhang Yuxi, Li Xin\'ai, Song Yi, Zhang Yunlong, Chai Ge, Wang Youshuo

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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