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Theme Forum I: International Cooperation against Piracy

As the only A-category film festival of China, Shanghai International Film Festival has the responsibility to strengthen the protection of film copyright so as to protect both Chinese and foreign films as well as to encourage the virtuous competition and orderly development. In fact, SIFF has set a model for the Chinese film market: the copyright of all the films for competition and for panorama are strictly protected according to the regulation of International Federation of Film Producers’ Association in cooperation with the government so as to ensure that their copyright is under control.
Then how can we protect the film copyright against piracy? How to create a safe market for the artists around the world? In this year\'s film festival, filmmakers and experts from FIAPF and MPA will discuss the meaning and feasible ways to carry out film copyright protection.


Han Sanping, General Manager of Chinese Film Group Company, Vice Managing Director of Chinese Film Producers\' Association, Vice President of China Film Copyright Protection Association
*Guest speaker: 
Valerie Lepine-Karnik, President of International Federation of Film Producers\' Associations (FIAPF)
Mike Ellis, Senior Vice President of Motion Picture Association (MPA)                                       
Loke-Khoon Tan, the Hong Kong and China Offices of Baker & McKenzie
Li Guomin, Vice President and Vice Secretary General of China Film Copyright Protection Association
Jacob Cheung, Film Director, Hong Kong SAR
Time: 10:00- 11:30, June 18th, 2006

Theme Forum II: Difference and Similarity: Relationship between Chinese and Hollywood Films
After its centennial anniversary Chinese films have gradually found the meaning of the relationship between itself and the Hollywood film. How will Chinese films including Hong Kong and Taiwan films explore their way into Hollywood? What role will they play in Hollywood cultural diversity? Is there a third kind of relationship besides opponents and alliance? How will we change the current one-way situation? In this forum, we invited celebrities from both parties to discuss this topic in a constructive way.

Raymond Chou, Publishing Consultant for Variety China
*Guest speaker:
Feng Xiaogang, Chinese Director                          
Peter Loehr, CAA, Managing Director - China             
Dennis Wang, Director of Board and President of Beijing Huayi Brothers Film Investment Co., Ltd             
Chris Lee, Film Producer
Time: 13:00-15:00, June 18th, 2006

Theme Forum III: Exploring New Territories: Sino-European Film Co-production
Filmmakers around the world have been trying hard to find feasible ways to explore new territories outside Hollywood and improve cultural diversity in world film market. In Europe, co-production has become a popular way to face Hollywood. And the potential of Chinese market is attracting attention and funds from Europe. In 2005, Sino-European Co-production Film Forum held by China Film Co-production Corporation, China Film Producers\' Association and European Producers\' Club had successfully brought out a Sino-European co-production, Jade Warrior. In year 2006, the forum continued to promote Sino-European co-production while cultivating new talents to meet the needs of the European producers.

Ren Zhonglun, Vice President of SMEG, President of Shanghai Film Group Corporation
*Guest speaker:
Zhang Pimin, Deputy Director of Film Administration Bureau of State Administration of Radio, Film &TV                  
Xue Peijian, President of SMEG             
Han Sanping, General Manager of China Film Group Corporation; President of CFPA                                        
Yan Xiaoming, President of the Movie Channel Program Center, CCTV; Deputy Director of Board of China Film Group Corporation
La Peikang, General Manager of China Film Co-production Corporation                             
Yu Dong, President of Beijing PolyBona Film Distribution Company            
Marianne Bhalotra, Head of the Hubert Bals Fund of Rotterdam International Film Festival                          
Jean Cazes, Chairman of European Producers Club      
Laurent Danielou, Managing Director/Producer, Rezo Films                
Lee Beasley, Head of Media & Entertainment Creative Industries Group, Standard Chartered Bank
Time: 10:00-12:00, June 19th, 2006    

Theme Forum IV: Chinese Animation Films and Asian Regional Cooperation

How will Asian animated films cooperate for larger share of the market?
Currently the world market is mainly occupied by Hollywood, but how will other culture break its monopoly and secure their market and spectators and influence Hollywood in turn?
Why do we choose animated films? What is the difference between animated films and live action ones? What is the difference of market? What is its advantage?
This forum tried to provide some advice for the development of Chinese animated films.

Wang Tianyun, Vice President of Shanghai Film Group Corporation
*Guest speaker:
Zhang Hongsen, Deputy Director of Film Administration Bureau of State Administration of Radio, Film &TV;
Tsui Hark, Film Director, Hong Kong SAR;
Sung Baek Youp, Korean Film Director;
Hu Zhaohong, Chinese Animation Director;
Zhou Jun, Vice Director of Shanghai Animation Film Studio;
Lee Jeong Ho, CEO of Animation Production Mago21
Time: 10:00-12:00, June 20th, 2006

Master Class I: Master Producers with Their Successful Projects

For both independent and Hollywood big companies, modern production job includes not only raising money, management, sale, promotion, but also coordination of creation and funds to ensure a good film. This forum invited world famous film makers to give advice of successful production work to young film makers.

Shi Nansun, Film Producer, Hong Kong SAR
*Guest speaker:
Sandy Liberson, Famous British Film Producer
Arnold Kopelson, Famous American Film Producer
Time: 14:00-16:00, June 20th, 2006

Master Class II: Talk with Anthony Minghella

The two parties were world famous film director and two young promising Chinese directors, who have their roots in Western and Eastern culture respectively. The dialogue focused on the art value and market orientation of film.
This forum provided the experience and views of the masters for young film directors, with special attention to the balance between market and art for those who stick to independent art film.

Jiang Xiaohan, MC of Movie Channel, CCTV
*Guest speaker:
Anthony Minghella, British Film Director             
Lu Chuan, Chinese Film Director                           
Xu Jinglei, Chinese Film Director
Time: 10:00-12:00, June 21st, 2006

Master Class III: Future Tides: Sino-American Students’ Short Programs Exchange
Films and images tops the list of self-expression and independent thinking. Because of its straightforward form, it has surpassed written words and become more and more popular among students. This forum showed the DV short programs of Chinese and American students and invite famous film director to give comments with the purpose of giving important advices for the masters-to-be.

*Short Programs:
School of Film and Video Art, Shanghai University:
F.I.L.L K.I.S.H, directed by Zero Lin
AND I KNEW, directed by Kai Kevin Huang
ZERO, directed by Qiu Xinwei
WALKING BELOW THE SKIN, directed by Hongfei Zhang
ABOUT LOVE, directed by Zhang Yilu
SORRY LOVE IN BEIKA, directed by Angeline Ding     
Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii:
STEVE MAI, directed by Kaliko Palmeira
PLASTIC LEIS, directed by Tyrone Sanga, produced by Julian Gilliam
STILL, directed by Jay Hubert
TUNNELS, directed by Jay Hubert
ELEVATION, directed by Seong Kyu Whang, produced by Jeremiah Tayao

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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