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The 4th Jin Jue International Film Forum from June 17th to 23rd, during the The 10th SIFF from June 16th to 24th. With the main theme of "Cooperate with the World and Focus on China to Develop Asia", the forum was divided into three parts. Namely, they were Theme Forum, Master Class and Asian New Talent Award Competition.

Part one: Theme Forums
Focus on every aspects of the capital operation of film project, including financing, marketing, distributing and cinema line screening, etc. Beginning with the summit of 10 directors of international film festivals, talking from the importance of film festivals for film marketing, the Theme Forum consisted of "International Film Festival Heads\' Summit", "Increase Film Market Value: Revolution of Marketing and Distribution" and "Chinese-Foreign Film cooperation Forum".

Part two: Master Class
Successful directors often possess both continuing vitality and capacity of discovering new ways to create works. The Master Class focused on the expansion of directors\' creativity and establishing a platform between masters and new filmmakers to exchange masters\' experience. The Master Class also planed to expand the boundary of international students\' short movie exhibition and to create opportunities for more international young filmmakers. It was divided into three classes: "Future Tides: International Students\' Short Films Exhibition", "Discover New Ways of Filmmaking in New Media Age" and "Bring the Young Talent into a Wider World of Film".

Part three: Asian New Talent Award Competition
With the goal of discovering and encouraging new Asian filmmakers, the Asian New Talent Award Competition aims to promote and develop the Asian film industry and presents awards with premium to the winners. Hopefully, by doing so, more international attention and investments would go into the developing Asian films.

Part one:
Theme Forum I: International Film Festival Heads\' Summit
Every year more than 600 film festivals are held around the world. Each type of film festival has its own position and market, and attracts different film-makers and directors to attend the grand parties with their works. How influential can international film festivals be on the film distribution in the film market? How to choose the right film festivals to grasp the opportunity of success? The forum invited the directors of film festivals of different types to talk about their own positions, entrances, and different promotion methods for film-makers and their works. Considering the present situation of the world cinema, the directors of film festivals focused their minds on the responsibility a film festival bares of promoting the multi-cultural world cinema.

Eric Mika, Senior Vice President, Publishing Director, The Hollywood Reporter
*Guest speakers for group 1:
Asian film festivals: how to enlarge the influence of Asian films to the world cinema
Kadokawa Tsuguhiko, Director, Tokyo International Film Festival
Abdul Hamid Juma, Director, Dubai International Film Festival
Ren Zhonglun, Executive Vice Chairman, Shanghai International Film Festival
Kim Dong-ho, Pusan International Film Festival
Chuck Boller, Director, Hawaii International Film Festival
*Guest speakers for group 2:
International film festival: a platform for various film types

Geoffrey Gilmore, Director, Sundance Film Festival
Marco Mueller, Director, Venice International Film Festival
Sandra den Hammer, Director, Rotterdam International Film Festival
Jerome Paillard, Director , the Cannes Film Market
James Hindman, CEO of AFI

Theme Forum II: Increase Film Market Value——Revolution of Marketing and Distribution
Nowadays, more and more industry people become aware of the importance of the market. The film market has a privileged right of speech in the business system led by Hollywood, which has affected the fate of independent film making. And the methods of expanding the market are springing up. The notion of market has expanded from the promotion of finished films to the pre-production period, including seeking financing partner, sharing risks and benefits, etc. How do successful businessmen, producers, or salesmen expand their markets? How to cooperate with business brands to share the cost and expand the consumer groups and achieve more and more successful cases? Besides, the distribution in later period and marketing methods are becoming more and more various. Any experience, consciously or unconsciously taken in the industry, will be the treasured fortune to the growing Chinese and Asian films. The forum introduced successful cases from Hollywood and Chinese industry

Raymond Zhou, Film Critic
*Guest Speakers for group 1:
Marketing Value
Zhang Qingyong, Creator and CEO, FILMORE MEDIA
James Hindman, CEO of AFI,Executive Consultant, The American Film Institute
Stuart Ford, President, First Look International
Eric Mika, Publishing Director, The Hollywood Reporter
Tian Tao,Deputy General Manager of CTR Market Research
*Guest Speakers for group 2:
Expanding market: Financing and Pre-sale
Lan Zhenzhen, Deputy President, L\'Oreal China
Yu Dong, Managing Director, Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Co. Ltd
Jason Squire, Professor, Film School of University of South California
Douglas E. Hansen, President, Endgame Entertainment
Michel Shane, Principal, Hand Picked Films
Theme Forum III: Chinese-Foreign Film Cooperation Forum
With Chinese film market\'s gradually becoming the focus of international film industry, co-production film is a more convenient way to introduce the international finance and productivity to China\'s market. Besides, the world film industry has shown a trend of continually promoting the scale and the cost of films. Due to the mutual complementary effect between market and finance, co-production film has become the trend of film-making industry with the advantage of fewer risks. After all, it is still the beginning for international producers to cooperate with China. Among them some enjoyed fruitful results while others suffered a little setback. The forum collected successful and failed cases to talk about China\'s investment market, the international distribution for co-production films, the content and producing of co-production films, the management and public system of co-production films and provided the guidance for all the companies and people who invest in China\'s film industry.
1, The Co-production Film Forum
10:00-12:00 June 21st (Thursday) 2007
2, China Film Pitch and Catch Meeting
Time: 14:00-17:00 June 21st (Thursday) 2007
La Peikang, Vice President of China Film Group     
*Guest speakers:
Zhang Pimin, Deputy Director, Film Administration Bureau of State Administration of Radio, Film &TV
Han Sanping, General Manager of the Chinese Film Group Company, President of Beijing Film Studio, President of Chinese Children Film Studio and Vice Managing, Director of the Chinese Film Producers’ Association
Bennett Walsh, American Film Producer
Xue Peijian, President, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group
Kim Joo Sung, President, CJ Entertainment
Teddy Zee, President of Ironpond
Michael Stephens, NZ Film and Entertainment Lawyer
Joerg Schweizer, Manager and Spokesperson for Film Placement Entertainment BMW Group
Stephen L. Saltzman, Film Producer, Entertainment Lawyer
Jean Cazes, Chairman, European Producer Club
Takashi Nishimura, Deputy Director, UniJapan

Part two
Master Class I: Future Tides---International Students’ Short Films Exhibition

Time: 10:00-12:30, 14:00-17:30 June 19th (Tuesday) 2007

In the new media age, image is gradually used by the youth as a way of self-expression and social communication. Short films exchange is usually a stage for young people. After successfully organized short film exchange between Chinese and American students in 2006, Shanghai International Film Festival this year expanded its range to a wider scale. Aiming to provide young people worldwide with a lager field of vision and varied cultural knowledge, the Short Film Exchange would like to bare the responsibility of an international film festival, to encourage young creative power.
*Guest Speakers:
Chuck Boller, Director, Hawaii International Film Festival
Sun Shaoyi, Professor, Film School of University of South California

Nominee List of Students’ Short Films

Seongbuk Port, Shin Minjae, Korean National University of Arts
Riverside Expressway , Yoo Sung Yup, Chung-Ang University
Waiting Time, Chul Jung, Chung-Ang University
Duan Quan, Justin Wloske, UCLA
First Taste of Death, Laurie Hill, Chung-Ang University
Shadow Child, Hans Hege, Munich Film School
Dao, Jay Hubert, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
As Time Goes By, Ying Ding, Shanghai University
Orphans, Naveen Singh, USC
A Fly-Dreaming Quail, Zhonghua Zhang, Northwest University of China
Clear Cut Simple, Vineet Dewan, USC
Entity Nine, Brad Kean, USC
Cicada, Aiwen Song, East China Normal University
Summer Time, Zhonglu Ji, Shanghai University
Furious Kettle, Jing Cao, Communication University of China
Thieves, Yaodong Li, Chinese Academy of Folk Operas
One Day in Beijing, Yokoyama Shinji& Samantha Kaushalya, Beijing Film Academy
Meat Balls and Chocolates, Xiao Xiao, Beijing Film Academy
Tomorrow is Another Day, Bianjiang Zhao, Central Academy of Theater Art

Panorama Films:
Eva, Brian Makanoa, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
A Birthday With Grandpa, Russell Blanchard, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
Follow the Leader, Ty Sanga, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
Sore Shoulder and Aching Jaws, Roger Nakamine, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
Chopsticks, Henry Mochida, The Academy Creative Media of Hawaii University
As Time Goes By, Ying Ding, Shanghai University
World Cup 2006 and the Little Buddha, Yuancheng Long, Shanghai University
Trapped, Jieqiong Zhu, Shanghai University
Change, Yulu Zhang, Shanghai University
Father and Son, Lingsong Yu, Shanghai University
Master Class II: Discover New Ways of Filmmaking in New Media Age
With its one-hundred-year-long history, world cinema industry has developed in various ways, including method of filmmaking, film industry environment and venues for film watching, etc. In this new media age, the various film images have gradually affected the whole film trend. Numerous film directors have been influenced by "Cahier du Cinema", a famous film publication, through all these years long. It is believed that its editor-in-chief would successfully lead the guests, some vigorous and promising young filmmakers, and our audience to a new way of film development.


Jean Michel Frodon, director, Cahier du Cinema
*Guest Speakers:
Andrew Macdonald, film producer
Isao Yukisada, film director
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, film director
Zhang Yibai
Other young film talents from China, Britain, Spain, etc.

Master Class III: Bring the Young Talents into a Wider World of Film
Young talents choose film image as a way to self-express and communicate. However, talented as they, there’re still some difficulties and unexpected obstacle facing them to the way of becoming a film master. To seize every slim opportunity to success requires skills and experience. The Master Class was honored to invite Dean Elizabeth Daley from Film school, University of South California, who is also experienced in film teaching, would give the young generation a vivid and professional lesson.

*Guest Speakers:
Elizabeth Daley, Dean, Film School of University of South California
James Hindman, CEO, American Film Institute

Part three
Asian New Film Forum in conjunction with Awarding Ceremony of Asian New Talent Award
The 4th Asian New Talent Award arouses more attention from the film circle than ever. 101 films from 21 Asian countries and regions applied to the competition. These films reveal some new trend and developing change of the current Asian film industry. To some extent, countries with weak film industry have gradually become more visible. How’s the life of filmmakers in those countries? How can a film festival create a more colorful and various cultural film world? Young Asian film talents are using images to raise awareness of their country, national character, even attract investment through films. The forum presented the audience a new look of the promising Asian film industry.

*International Jury:

He Ping, Chairman of jury
Isao Yukisada, Japanese director
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thai director
Jean Michel Frodon, French film critic
Mabel Cheung, China Hong Kong director
Time: 19:30-21:00, June 23rd (Saturday) 2007

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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