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The Youth on the Happy Street

Country: China

Director: ZHOU Hongbo

Executive Producer: MEI Feng

Producer: WU Dan, LI Yuan, WU Aiguo



At the Dock

Country: China

Director: HAN Dong

Executive Producer: JIA Zhangke

Producer: LI Mingyang, CAO Kai



Chinese Nationals

Country: China

Director/ Producer: WANG Tianlin




Country: China

Director: HE Wenchao

Producer: Daniya DAI


My Dear Friend

Country: China

Director: YANG Pingdao

Art Consultant: ZHANG Xianmin

Producer:Andrew LONE




The Gift From Allah

Country: China

Director: Ryan HO

Producer: GONG Jinjin



Heading Home

Country: China

Director: YANG Nanqian

Producer: REN Jiangzhou



Goggle Boy

Country or region: Malaysia, Taiwan

Director: Felix TAN

Executive Producer: CHEN Qiyuan

Producer:Kent CHAN



A Trapped Couple

Country: China

Director: Lucy CAO

Producer: River STONE, Echo CHEN



The Feast

Country: China

Director: XIANG Guoqiang

Producer: ZHAO Yang, LIU Yang



Young Dynamite

Country or region: Taiwan

Director: LEE Chung

Producer: Tienhao CHAO



Cordelia’s Scissors

Country or region: France, Taiwan

Director: James SU

Producer: Gene YAO



The Manifesto

Country or region: Taiwan, USA, New Zealand

Director: NIU Han

Executive Producer: Jake Mahaffy

Producer: Mike S Ryan




Country: China

Director: ZHANG Yadong

Producer: SHAO Dongxu




Country: China

Director: LEE Han-yeo

Producer: KIM Han-Koo



Harvard Baby

Country: China

Director: CHEN Miao

Producer: ZHAN Youwen, XIAO Yan




Country: UK, China

Director:Rowland Jobson

Producer: Samm Haillay



My Mother

Country: France,Korea,China

Director: Jero YUN

Producer: Guillaume de la Boulaye




Country: Korea, China

Director: J YONG E

Producer: Dong Hyun SUH



My Giraffe

Country: Netherlands, China

Director: Barbara Bredero

Producer: Leontine Petit




New Talent Project



Summer Arouse

Country: China

Executive Producer: CHEN Fei

Director: LI Xiaojiang

Producer: TANG Juan



The Last Party

Country: China

Director/Producer: GUO Sanpi



Blue Amber

Country: China

Director: Jacky CHOW

Producer: Johnny SONG, Juda LIU



Missing Jonny

Country or region: Taiwan

Director: HUANG Xi

Executive Producer: HOU Hsiao Hsien

Producer: HSIEH Jun Yao



The Howling Storm

Country: China

Director: BU Wei

Executive Producer: Jonathan KIM

Producer: Alain LEE



Far-Fetched Friends

Country: China

Director: YUAN Fei

Executive Producer: WANG Xiaoshuai

Producer: LIU Xuan



The Rescue

Country: China, Korea

Director: WANG Daqing

Producer: GAO Ziqing



Him of Yesterday

Country: China

Director: Jessica SHEN

Producer: HAO Wei



Breaking the Waves

Country: China

Director: ZHANG Chi

Producer: QIN Yi



The Negative

Country: China

Director: YANG Xiao

Producer: SHAN Zuolong

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