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“Belt and Road Initiative“ Film Tour Exhibition | Mordoga premieres in world at Cairo International


On December 8, Mordoga, selected by the Shanghai International Film Festival, was selected as the only Chinese film in the main competition unit of the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt, where it had its world premiere. The film has been selected for the 2018 Shanghai Film Festival film project venture capital, shortlisted for the 2019 SIFF Project “project in production”. Screenwriter and director Cao Jinling, actress Si Ligeng, and co-producer Ji Xiong walked down the aisle and were interviewed by the media.

Creators of Mordoga at post-screening communication with the Egyptian audience
Tarek el-Shinnawy, an Egyptian film critic and member of the senior advisory committee of the film festival, said that this Chinese film warmed and moved the audience with the depth of its theme and the epic nature. In addition to the excellent performance of actors and directors throughout, profound and heartfelt feeling ability, film music is one of the most beautiful creative elements of this film. "

InasHelmy, director and director of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, said: “I like this film and I am particularly moved by it.” Nature is so beautiful that we can't destroy and pollute it. Polluting nature will also pollute people's emotions and souls. "

Premiere of Mordoga

On the day of the world premiere, the international poster of Mordoga was released. According to the film, Mordoga will be released in China in 2021.

Poster of 42nd Cairo International Film Festival
The Cairo International Film Festival, hosted by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, is the oldest film festival in Africa and the only international category A film festival in the region.

The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival in 2018 established the Belt and Road Initiative Film Festival Alliance and founded the Belt and Road Initiative Film week. By June this year, the Belt and Road Initiative Film Festival Alliance had grown from 32 member institutions in 29 countries to 50 member institutions in 44 countries. Relying on the platform advantages of the Belt and Road Initiative Film Festival Alliance, the Shanghai International Film Festival has opened the "Belt and Road Initiative" film exhibition mechanism, through film screenings, exhibitions and exhibitions, expand the cultural exchange and cooperation of Belt and Road Initiative films at the Shanghai Film Festival from within the festival to the whole year, in order to make greater efforts to promote Chinese films to “go out” to spread Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories.


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