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SIFF solicits essays from the public – “The true, the good and the beautiful” in films

1. Event background

As one of the 15 international film festivals of non-specialized competition in the world, the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival is not only China\'s first large-scale international film and cultural event after the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic but also contributes to the reunion of films and the audience after a half-year interval. From July 25 to August 3, the public can share the highlights of global films through cinemas, open-air cinemas and online release.

This year, the Shanghai International Film Festival joins hands with the Shanghai Citizen Culture Festival to launch an essay soliciting activity facing the public – “The true, the good and the beautiful in films”. This activity invites the public to use words to tell their stories with the Shanghai International Film Festival and express the fans\' feelings of watching films. After the film festival, outstanding essays will be posted on SIFF’s official Weibo, WeChat and website.

2. Event object

Citizens work, study and live in Shanghai, regardless of age and nationality

3. Event activities

Film reviews or insights around the theme of “The true, the good and the beautiful in films” and the films shown in cinemas, open-air cinemas and online at the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.

2) Form
(1) The activity contains two categories: solicitation of essays and mini comments.
(2) Essay: 600 - 2000 words; mini comments: no more than 140 words
(3) The submitted essays and comments must be original and unpublished, with healthy values, good literacy in writing and sincere emotions.

3) Schedule
(1) Time of submission: July 25 - August 15
(2) Voting for mini comments: July 25 - August 20
(3) Selection for essays: August 21 - September 10
(4) Publication of results: mid-September

4) Participation
(1) The public is invited to enter the page of the special event – “The true, the good and the beautiful in films 2020” through the "Culture Cloud" platform (including APP, official website and WeChat official account). The public can fill in the registration materials and submit their works. 
(2) The public can submit essays and mini comments at the same time. Each participant can submit three articles, with no limit on the number of mini comments. The public should make sure they leave accurate personal information. (real name + contact phone number + regular email address). The author will authorize the right to use to the organizer by default to use the related works for publication (non-profit).

5) Selection and awards
(1) Essays will be graded and selected by the expert judges, and 10 “Outstanding Essay”, of which authors will be awarded the prize of “Outstanding Writings”, and each will receive a prize of RMB 1,000.
(2) Mini comments will be selected by online voting, and the top 10 users will be selected according to the final number of likes, and each will receive a prize of RMB 500. (If multiple works of the same author are selected at the same time, the ranking will only refer to the work with the most likes.) 

Note: For the final results, please follow the official account and official website of Shanghai International Film Festival, "Shanghai Citizen Culture Festival" and "Cultural Cloud" WeChat official account. The organizer has the right of final interpretation of the event.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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