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Article 1

This Regulation is drawn to cover participation in International Panorama of the Shanghai International Film Festival. (hereinafter referred to as SIFF or The Festival).


Article 2

SIFF was ratified by the State Council of China, it is one of the FIAPF-accredited non-specialized competitive film festivals throughout the world. The Festival focuses on multi-layer and multi-angle exploration of new directors. Its aim is to reveal films of quality in order to enhance exchange and cooperation between China and the rest of the world. 


Article 3

The Festival is held in June every year. The 25th SIFF will be held from Friday June 10 to Sunday June 19, 2022. 


Article 4

The feature-length films that meet the following conditions are eligible for Panorama (except for tribute or retrospective);

1) Film that has been completed after January 1, 2021.

2) The minimum running time is 70 minutes.

3) Format: DCP


Article 5

Call for entry starts from Dec 15th, 2021. In order to be eligible for selection, a film must be submitted to the Festival no later than March 31, 2022. For the screeners, we require either media storage device(DVD, USB Disk, Hard Disk)or online screener for preview. Screeners may be sent to the following address by the above deadline. All expenses for the transport of screener to the Festival, including custom fees and insurance, are the entire responsibility of the submitter.

Shanghai International Film Festival

20th Floor, 211 Kang Ding Road

Shanghai 200041, China


In the meantime, online film submission at www.siff.com is necessarily requested.


Contact of fiction submission (European, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) 

Jack LEE

Tel: 86-21-22009864

Email: jacklee@siff.com


Contact of fiction submission (American, African, Asian)

Sammon ZHANG

Tel: 86-21-22009851

Email: zhangyiyang@siff.com


Contact of documentary submission

Emma XU 

Tel: 86-21-22009866

Email: xuzheng@siff.com


Contact of animation submission

Mavis YAN 

Tel: 86-21-22009861

Email: yanminyin@siff.com


Article 6

The Festival chooses and invites the films which will be presented in panorama.


More documentation on each selected film including synopsis, film stills, biography & photo of director, cast and crew list for catalogue uses, as well as English subtitled/dialogue list, poster and film trailer (Detailed material list will be indicated in the film invitation separately), must reach the Festival before May 20, 2022. 


During the entire Festival, none of the selected films may be shown outside the Festival's official theaters before its official presentation.


Article 7

The submitter shall send back the Receipt of invitation within five working days after receiving the invitation from the Festival. No film selected may be withdrawn for any reason from the Festival once its participation has been officially confirmed by the submitter in writing. If the submitter requests to withdraw the film, the Festival shall have the right of final decision. If any loss is caused to the Festival due to the submitter’s request to withdraw the film, the submitter shall compensate for all economic losses and reputation loss caused thereby, including but not limited to the economic compensation, issuing an apology letter to the Festival and making a public apology via social media platform.


Article 8

Films in languages other than English must be subtitled in English. The subtitling expenses are the responsibility of the submitters. The submitters must provide the Festival with complete English subtitled lists which accord with those on the DCP. For versions not corresponding exactly to this definition, the Festival will decide unilaterally whether the films in question are acceptable. All films will be electronically subtitled in Chinese during the Festival. Translation of subtitles from English to Chinese and the screening of the subtitles will be complimentarily operated by the Festival.


Article 9

The submitter of the selected films are required to deliver films complying with the specifications for DCP used by the Festival. 


Article 10

DCPs of the selected films must reach the Festival before May 20, 2022. It is obligatory for the submitter to follow the shipping instructions which accompany notification of film selection into the Festival.

The Festival covers outbound shipping and insurance fee, and pays for the insurance and storage during the period from the receipt of the DCPs to the return of the DCPs to the Forwarding Agent. 


In case of damage to or loss of the DCPs during the period from the receipt of the DCPs to the delivery of DCPs by the Forwarding Agent, the Festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new DCP according to the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard DCP. 

DCPs of the selected films must be addressed as follows:

Shanghai Logistics Consultant Co. Ltd

c/o Shanghai International Film Festival

20F, 211 Kang Ding Road

Shanghai 200041, China

Tel: 86-21-55053379    

Email: print@siff.com


The Festival must be notified of film titles, film format, date and way of delivery as well as the air waybill when the films are sent.


DCPs will be returned to the address indicated by the submitter within two weeks of the end of the Festival.


Article 11

If SIFF is considered to be able to host foreign guests by committee (including but not limited to considering the impact of the pandemic and other factors), the director and main casts of the selected films will be invited to attend the Festival. (Detailed offerings will be indicated in the invitation separately.)


Article 12

The Festival maintains the right to decide all cases not provided in these Regulations, taking into account the clauses of the FIAPF International Regulations.


Article 13

Participation in the Festival implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors, or other organizations submitting a film to ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the Festival. 


Article 14

The Festival is very much aware of the global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, carefully monitoring all developments of the virus, and following China’s policies on epidemic prevention and control. The Festival may adopt alternative ways to organize its events if they are likely to be effected by a newer situation. In any case, the Festival remains committed to providing up-to-date information to all the film submitters.


Article 15

SIFF Organization Committee reserves the right of final explanation of all above articles.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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