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Founded in 2018, based on The Belt and Road Film Festival Alliance, The Belt and Road Film Week holds a variety of dynamic events including screenings, panels, industry talks, market showcases & screenings, and an award ceremony, etc.

Why we host The Belt and Road Film Week?

Shanghai International Film Festival has the obligation and responsibility to gather more high-quality domestic and international film industry resources, so that filmmakers can find their own stages, so that excellent films can find their target audiences, so that buyers can obtain greater benefits.

There are not only Cannes, Berlin, and Venice in this world, but also many unique and all-encompassing film festivals.
Here, you will find more.

Why participate The Belt and Road Film Week?

Here you can open a window to see the colorful customs and film cultures of the countries along the Belt and Road.

Here you can open a door to meet with passionate and sincere international filmmakers.

Whether it is a low-budget art film or an international blockbuster.
Here, you will gain something new.

We showcase diverse films.

Films recommended by The Belt and Road Film Festival Alliance members are either ones won multiple international film prizes, or ones with impressive box office performances. No matter it is the distant and beautiful Baltic Sea, or it is the mysterious and ancient Middle Eastern civilization, or it is the Apennine peninsula that blowing the Mediterranean breeze, here you will meet with the land you have never been to. Cinema makes us no stranger to each other. 

We gather international resources.

Guests of The Belt and Road Film Week come from all over the world: representatives of major film festivals, film curators, international buyers, and both renowned & emerging filmmakers.

Among them, there is an art director who is near the age of 80 but still running around the world to find wonderful movies; there are festival presidents who love rock music and form their own band; there are international curators who have great passion for Chinese cinema, and veteran consultants who are engaged in financing art cinema …

We establish effective communications.

Here we have not only the most active art films sales agencies domestic and international, but also co-production projects with market potentiality. Here we welcome not only veteran filmmakers and industry professionals, but also rising stars with their first try. Step by step, we are building up effective communications among filmmakers, talents, festivals, and markets; we serve for films and filmmakers.

World culture is composed of cultures of different nationalities and different ethnic groups. Film culture is a unity of world culture and national culture. Only creations with special cultural characteristics have the vitality to stand in the world. With a broader mind and the courage to be open to the whole world, Chinese cinema world will be further open up. 

Let the world understand China and let China go to the world. The Belt and Road Film Week is a bold attempt of Shanghai International Film Festival.


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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