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20th SIFF Asian New Talent Award


International Jury for 2017 Asian New Talent Award:

President: WANG Xiaoshuai (China, Director)

Juries:  Hsiao-chuan Chang (China Taiwan, Actor)
             DONG Jinsong (China, Cinematographer)
             TAN Chui Mui (Malaysia, Director)
             Michael J. Werner (USA, Consultant, Distributor &Producer)

2017 Asian New Talent Award-Winning Films:

Award for Best Film:Shuttle Life(Malaysia)
Award for Best Director:Takumi Saitoh - Blank 13(Japan)
Award for Best Script Writer:WANG Qiang - Sunshine that Can Move Mountains(China)
Award for Best Cinematographer:CHEN Ko-Chin - Shuttle Life (Malaysia)
Award for Best Actor:Jack TAN - Shuttle Life(Malaysia)
Award for Best Actress:Adwa Bolle - Beneath the Silence (Israel)


Nominations for Asian New Talent Award 


Best Film

Beneath the Silence(Israel)

Shuttle Life(Malaysia)

Sunshine that Can Move Mountains(China)

Dogs and Fools(Iran)



Best Director

TAN Seng Kiat - Shuttle Life

WANG Qiang - Sunshine that Can Move Mountains

Takumi Saitoh - Blank 13

CHENG Wei-Hao - Who Killed Cock Robin

ZHAO Xiang - Stonehead


Best Script Writer

Pulkit - Maroon

Shingo Matsumura - Love and Goodbye and Hawaii

WANG Qiang - Sunshine that Can Move Mountains

Ali Mohammad Ghasemi & Azam Najafian - Dogs and Fools

ZHAO Xiang & LIU Dan - Stonehead


Best Cinematographer

Tomer Moneta - Beneath the Silence

Soumik Mukherjee - Maroon

Raita Yabushita - Love and Goodbye and Hawaii

CHEN Ko-Chin - Shuttle Life

CHEN Chi-Wen - Who Killed Cock Robin


Best Actress

Oyku Karayel - Dust

Adwa Bolle - Beneath the Silence

Asieh Bakhshizad - Dogs and Fools

XU Lu - Our Shining Days


Best Actor

Amos Tamam - Beneath the Silence

Jack TAN - Shuttle Life

PENG Yuchang - Our Shining Days

LING Man Lung - Tomorrow Is Another Day

LI Ronghao - Duckweed



Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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