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SIFFORUM gathers industry experts from across the field for lively discussions on a range of topics, from the creative process and industry trends to cultural communication, from audience analysis, film criticism to new technological development. The forum aims to navigate through different sectors of the industry chain, reinforcing the concept of cross-platform, technological integration, innovation and forward-thinking.


Communication or Confrontation:On Capitalizing the Chinese Film Industry

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Sunday, June 12th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: Box office receipts in China broke the 44 billion mark in 2015 and the month of February 2016 alone reached a staggering 6.875 billion. According to the “China Film Market Report” released by Taobao film in 2015, China will surpass North America to become the biggest film market in the world by the year 2017. Along with the growing Chinese movie market, the integration of film and capital is receiving more and more attention. What new challenges and opportunities can Chinese film companies gain during the process?



YIN Hong | Professor, Tsinghua University, Chairman of China Literary and Art Critics Association & Beijing Film Association


Guest Speakers :


HUANG Jianxin | Director, Producer

YU Dong | Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bona Film Group Limited

Jerry YE | CEO of Huayi Brothers Pictures   

ZENG Maojun | Vice President, Wanda Culture Industry Group, Board Director and President of Wanda Cinema Line

ZHANG Qiang | Executive Director and CEO, Alibaba Pictures


Co-organiser: Alibaba Pictures



Smart Talk with Ian McKellen at SIFF

Shakespeare on Stage, Screen and Elsewhere

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Sunday, June 12th

Venue: Shanghai Theater Academy


Brief: Ian McKellen, British acting legend and recipient of every major theatrical award in the UK and US, will be delivering an exclusive Smart Talk at the Shanghai International Film Festival on 12 June 2016. As part of the British Council’s global campaign Shakespeare Lives, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Ian will discuss his extraordinary range of Shakespeare performances and the problems and pleasures of interpreting Shakespeare for the theatre, television, radio and cinema.

The British Council, collaborating with Shanghai International Film Festival and the British Film Institute, is organising the event at the Shanghai Theatre Academy as part of its 2016 Smart Talk series. Smart Talks bring some of the UK’s most successful and inspiring alumni to China, giving students and the public a chance to interact with them and learn about their exciting lives. The British Council’s 2016 Smart Talk series is supported by Rolls-Royce.


Guest Speakers :

Ian Mckellen | Actor


Co-organiser: British Film Institute

British Council



Chinese Kung Fu Movies: Win Hearts around the world

Time: 14:00-15:00

Date: Sunday, June 12th

Venue: Shanghai New Hengshan Cinema


Brief: Last year, Chinese film made box office revenues of over 44 billion RMB with year-on-year growth approaching 240% as compared to 2011. Considering 2016, Chinese box office reached 6.87 billion by February, leading the global market. Great confidence has now enabled China to step-up to the worldwide stage and connect the hearts of all nationalities by films reflecting unique Chinese characteristics, specifically, the worldwide acclaimed Kung Fu film. Chinese Kung Fu films also spread Chinese confidence by helping the world to better understand China. Harmony and understanding between the world’s peoples are keys to the sound relations between states. The interlinking of hearts is crucial to good relations between people.

Kung Fu demonstrates the life values of the Chinese nation and propagates the profound Chinese traditional values. In developing Chinese Kung Fu films, we must keep our original mind and beliefs. Chinese mood is the heritage of our culture, philosophy, and spirit. Well-told Chinese stories through the Chinese Kung Fu film are a good way to gain the world’s recognition and demonstrate the Chinese Dream.

The core values of the theme “Chinese Kung Fu movie wins hearts around the world” is to create a better understanding between China and other cultures. Guests are invited to discuss what is their view on the “world heart”? Whether Chinese Kung Fu films can set a new standard for today’s high-speed film development? How to create a memorable and enlightening while entertaining Chinese Kung Fu action film? Is considering that their future audiences will be worldlier and typically younger the key to a successful and profitable film in the future? How the Chinese Kung Fu movie can become the best platform for promulgating the Chinese culture under the widely known Chinese government policy known as “one belt one road”?



Chen Luyu | Hostess


Guest Speakers :

Jackie CHAN | Actor

CHEN Desen| Director

Pierce BROSNAN | Actor

Sam RAIMI | Director



How Far Away to the Front Seat, When We are No.1 in Box Office?

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Monday, June 13th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: So far the “Chinese New Year” holidays have brought the best movie box office sale in 2016. The total revenue during the 7-day period was 550 million USD. Since the first boom of the Chinese New Year rush in 2013, it had been maintained for several years with a 4-5% of annual movie sales. If the 2016 Chinese New Year rush remains to make 5% of the whole, the total box office of the year would exceed 10 billion USD, approaching the total box office of North America market (11.1 billion) in 2015. In other words, at the end of year 2016, the Chinese movie market is expected to rival the North America market, and

share the title of “biggest movie market” in the world. However, behind the glamorous figure, China’s movie industry is still relatively immature. The drawbacks from systematization, capital operation and talent replenishment have been revealed gradually since 2016. For instance, with a low access threshold, the magnificent swarm of movie investors has created an industry chaos. Movie as a commodity has an artistic attribute. Success on box office usually cannot guarantee the quality of the movie. The industrialization of Chinese movie has just started. There is still a huge lack of talents, and a “Movie Technical School” is strongly needed to prepare for the future. Although China’s movie industry is chasing up North America on box office income, a few more things need to be accomplished before claiming ourselves the global leader.


Co-organiser: Tencent Entertainment



Film Finance Forum China @ SIFF Presented by Winston Baker

Going Global: The New Era of Production and Dealmaking

Time: 13:00-17:00

Date: Monday, June 13th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: China’s film industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. With the estimated success that China will be surpassing North America to become the biggest film market in the world by the year of 2017, it is inevitable and impendent for all Chinese filmmakers to question - do we really need the overseas market? And if so, how can we make Chinese-language films “Go Global”?

To address this, the theme for the 4th Annual Film Finance Forum China presented by Winston Baker in partnership with the Shanghai International Film Festival is “Going Global: The New Era of Production and Deal Making.” This unprecedented event address industry trends and strategies for success between the Chinese and international entertainment businesses, industrialization of Chinese filmmaking, and outputting streams of quality films that have a global appeal.

The forum will promote the exchange of ideas through a combination of keynote conversation, case studies, panel and roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities where seasoned entertainment professionals will share their insights gained from years of experience with participants. The program will include topics on the art of packaging, the challenges and opportunities of working with international talents and co-production, status of cross-border corporate ventures, the nuts and bolts of making a franchise, and exploring the new era of Chinese and Hollywood studios.



Lindsay CONNER | Partner of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Patrick BRZESKI | Reporter of The Hollywood Reporter

Steve SALTZMAN | Partner of Loeb & Loeb LLP

Tom ARA | Shareholder of Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Jason GOLBERG | Partner of Covington & Burling LLP


Guest Speakers :

Ellen ELIASOPH | President and CEO of Village Roadshow Pictures Asia

Bennett POZIL | Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Banking

CAO Jing | Counsel of Entertainment, Sports & Media Group, O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

CHEN Rong | Member of the Board of Directors, President of Perfect World Pictures

David USLAN | Producer

Serena DENG | President of Grand Canal Pictures

Mark GAO | Chairman of Fundamental Films

Graham TAYLOR | Global Head of WME

HAN Wei | CEO of Bliss Media Ltd.

Max MICHAEL | Head of Asia Business Development, UTA

Michelle YANG | Founder and CEO of Vantage Entertainment

Spencer BAUMGARTEN | Talent Agent of CAA who represents Zhang Yimou in the US

Stanley TONG | President of China Film (Shanghai) International Media Co., Ltd.

WANG Yibing | Executive Director/Producer of Injo Films (Dirty Monkey)

William FENG | Country General Manager and Chief Representative of, Motion Picture Association, China

ZHAO Fang | Senior Assistant to President of Wanda Culture Group, General Manager of Wanda Media

ZHANG Zhao | CEO of Le Vision Pictures, Vice Chairman of Le Holdings


Co-organiser: Winston Baker



Genesis– I-SIFF VR Summit

Time: 14:00-17:00

Date: Monday, June 13th

Venue: Shanghai Global Harbor, 4F, Premiere International Cinema, No 7 Ballroom


Brief: During the next decade, if something were to radically change the film industry, VR (virtual reality) is the most likely thing. There is no doubt that the VR industry is emerging in 2016. Oculus Rift’s list will likely be considered the historic marker for the birth of the VR era. VR is overwhelming, who is going to be overturned? Who will be the biggest winner? Over the next decade, will VR change the world into a more wonderful place? All of the above is worth deep consideration and discussion especially in regards to the potential implications on today\'s film industry.



Jason He | Anchor of International Channel Shanghai, Shanghai Media Group


Guest Speakers :

Emilie JOLY | CEO and Co-Founder of apelab Inc.

David WHELAN | CEO of Immersive VR Education

Karen LAW | Chief Executive Officer(Great China), Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Jennifer MA | Chairman of Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Co., Ltd.

Maureen FAN | CEO of BaobabStudios

Ryan HORRIGAN | Chief Content Officer of Felix & Paul Studios

Ryan HOLMES | Founder and CEO of SpaceVR

Salar SHAHNA | Creative Director and Co-Founder of World VR Forum

Stéphane RITUIT | Co-founderandExecutive Producer of Felix & Paul Studios

TANG Hao | Deputy General Manager of Motion Magic

Thomas TANG | Vice President of Xiaomi pictures, General Manager of Xiaomi VR/Xiaomi Router

Daniel SEAH | CEO and Executive Director of Digital Domain



The Golden Age of Chinese Films – I-SIFF Shanghai Summit

Time:First Half: 10:00-11:30

Second Half: 14:30-17:00

Date:Tuesday, June 14th

Venue: Multi-Function Hall, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing


Brief: At this year\'s I-SIFF forum, we choose "The golden age of Chinese films" as our theme as we know the China \'s movie business is emerging into a new era with box office receipts exceeding 44 billion in 2015 and expecting to set a new record high in 2016. Invitations have gone out to most all the top leaders in the Chinese film industry and key online business leaders with a focus on the below topics.

- Film industry predictions for the VR industry

- The field of network literature and its emergence as the latest form of literature and art

- The potential impact of China\'s "go global" capital on the global film market

- Expanding the industrial chain to address competition facing the business of online ticket sales

- Corporate Social Responsibility of industry leading film companies



WU Xiaobo

HE Jie


Guest Speakers :

DENG Kangming | COO of Alibaba Pictures

GONG Yu | Founder and CEO of iQIYI

Jerry LI | Senior Vice President of Youku Tudou, General Manager of Alibaba Digital Entertainment Unit

LIU Kailuo | Vice President of Youku Tudou, President of Heyi Pictures

MI Xin | Vice president of Suning Cultural and Creative Industries Group, CEO of PPTV

SHAO Xiaofeng | Chairman and Executive Director of Alibaba Pictures

Thomas TANG | Vice President of Xiaomi Pictures, General Manager of Xiaomi VR / Xiaomi Router

WANG Bin | CEO, MIGU Video Co., Ltd

WANG Chen | CEO of HS Entertainment Group Inc.

WANG Changtian | CEO of Enlight Media

WAN Li | Deputy General Manager of Tao Tickets

Daniel SEAH | CEO and Executive Director of Digital Domain

XU Yongming | General Manager of Baidu Nuomi Movie Bussiness Department

YANG Dan | Senior Vice President of Beijing Weying Technology Co. Ltd

YU Dong | Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bona Film Group Limited

Jerry YE | CEO of Huayi Brothers Pictures

Gillion(Fang) ZHAO | Senior Assistant to President of Wanda Culture Group, General Manager of Wanda Media

ZENG Maojun | Vice President of Wanda Culture Industry Group, Board Director and President of Wanda Cinema Line

ZENG Liang | Vice President of Baidu, General Manager of Baidu Nuomi

ZHANG Qiang | Executive Director and CEO of Alibaba Pictures

ZHAO Yifang | Chairman of Huace Group

ZHANG Zhao | CEO of Le Vision Pictures, Vice Chairman of Le Holdings

Peter ZHENG | CEO of Maoyan



One Belt One Road • World Cinema

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Tuesday, June 14th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: Under the context of globalization and regional integration, how will “National Cinema” from different countries and cultural backgrounds cooperate together to fulfill a promising future of the “World Cinema”? How could international audience better meet with “World Cinema” to broaden their choice of film watching beyond Hollywood Blockbusters and spectacle titles? How will every country promote its own filmic products overseas? Meanwhile, how will they cinematically introduce their own culture and tradition to both the local and international audiences? “World Cinema” and “National Cinema”, as two classic concepts in film history, have been ever changing with different historical and social backgrounds.

Therefore, this forum gathers the representatives from the participant countries of “One Belt One Road” to discuss the topics above under current situation. What is more, they will share their experiences and thoughts on “National Cinema” in aspects of filmmaking, distribution and exhibition.


Guest Speakers :

Anu RANGACHAR | Head, International Program, JioMAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Tiina LOKK-TRAMBERG | Festival Director, Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia

James Yantao SU | Chairman of EDI Media Inc., President of Chinese American Film Festival

Magda WASSEF | President, Cairo International Film Festival

Maya TCHILASHIVILI | First Deputy Director, Georgian National Film Center



Chinese Film Weather Vane: the Mutual Promotion of Movies and Games

—how to achieve win-win of contents


Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Tuesday, June 14th

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Central Hall


Brief: With the rapid development of the film market, the relationship of movies and online games is becoming much closer. Movies and games have gradually evolved from interaction mode to mutual promotion. In the international market, there is an example that a Blizzard Entertainment classic game IP World of Warcraft adapted for the movie Warcraft. Domestically, large online game manufacturers such as the Netease Games is trying to adapt its classic IPs to movies, for example, Fantasy Westward Journey, New Westward Journey online 2,Tianxia 3 etc.. At the same time, the adaption of movies for online games has also become an ideal choice for many film companies. However, the integration of movies and games is not easy. There are lots of things to consider, like how to keep the original game plots and style in movies so as to satisfy the players as well as to attract the audience who never play the game. With the trend of online game getting cinematic and gamification of films, it is the common challenge for the movie industry to maintain the value of IP during the conversion and create a win-win situation.


Co-organiser: Netease News App, Netease Pictures



From Content to Franchise, A New Milestone in the Industrialization of Chinese Films

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Tuesday, June 14th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: In 2016, the Chinese film market has witnessed overheating during the Chinese New Year and unexpected cooling in May and June. What market forces and factors were driving such a contrast? What new challenges are still ahead? Fanink, the first data and consulting company dedicated to the Chinese entertainment market, will unveil the mystery with its expertise in movie research and analysis. The content of the forum will include: the research of growth potential of China’s movie market, with analysis based on macro-economic factors and demographic attributes surrounding theaters, by Chen Qin, Ph.D. Chinese moviegoer behaviors and attitudes, the first systematic offline study covering the entire market, by James Li, Ph.D. How Hollywood utilizes moviegoer insights to inform creative development and marketing strategy, by Peter Marks. Subsequently, industry leaders from Greater China and Hollywood will express ideas and exchange POVs on the prospect of China’s film market, to seek answers and solutions behind them.


Keynote Speakers:

CHEN Qin | Researcher, School of Economics, Fudan University, Ph.D. in Economics

James LI | Founding Partner of Fanink, Ph.D. in Communication

Peter Marks | Vice President, Research and Strategy at Universal Pictures, U.S.A.



James LI | Founding Partner of Fanink, Ph.D.


Guest Speakers :

Bill Kong | Producer, President of EDKO Films Limited

Abe RECIO | Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Research at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Peter MARKS | Vice President, Research and Strategy at Universal Pictures, U.S.A.


Co-organiser: Fanink Inc.



SIFF PROJECT Round-Table Forum

Time: 17:00-18:00

Date: Tuesday, June 14th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: With the Chinese film industry developing far and fast, young filmmakers have become a new force, attracting the attention of the whole industry and gradually changing the film-making environment in China. In this context, a discussion on the film production by young talents is of great necessity. Should young filmmakers keep creating self-reflective original works? Has it become a growing phenomenon that they are restricted to producing low-budget literary films? These are what ought to be concerned by us all.

In the past decade, SIFF PROJECT has brought a large number of films and young filmmakers to the world stage. While we talk about filmmakers, it ought to be clarified that the term refers to not only directors but producers as well. They are an inseparable group. How are those films created? The forum not only pays close attention to the production and the development of the original projects, it also values highly the industrial environment, which is the backbone of the whole process. This time, we are honored to have some of our delegates of the past projects to share with us their ideas towards the filmmaking process, the problems they encountered and also their solutions.



Nina HAN | Vice President of Fundamental Films

Trainer of “New Talent Project” for SIFF PROJECT 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Guest Speakers :

DAI Yan | Producer of: “Lost In White” (2014 SIFF PROJECT), “Chorus” (2016 SIFF PROJECT) , Theater Producer

LAM Tze Chun | Director (“Funny Soccer”, 2015 SIFF PROJECT; “Ultra Reinforcement”, “The Luckiest Man”, etc.)

LIU Kailuo | CEO of Heyi Film, Producer of: “Ne Zha”, “The Master”, etc.

YANG Shupeng | Director of: “The Robbers ” (2007 SIFF PROJECT)

TANG Juan | Producer of: “Hot Blood Band” (2013 SIFF PROEJCT), “Go Away! Mr. Tumour”, “Summer Arouse” (2016 SIFF PROJECT)

ZHANG Meng | Director of: “The Piano in a Factory”, “Uncle Victory”, “Everybody\'s Fine”, etc.

ZHANG Yadong | Director of: “Drowning (2016 SIFF PROJECT); “Musician



Film Critic and New Media

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Wednesday, June 15th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: Since film criticism has been popularized in China, it often substantially influences the box office performance and reputation of a film. Hence, the mission and function of film criticism received an ever-intensified recognition and discussion from the public. Will film review be eligible to depict and disseminate film culture, film history and even film theory for the masses? Should film critics pay more attention to art-house cinema, by which a broader market of art film in China can be generated? How should film criticism distinguish itself as critical analysis rather than personal judgment and then, introduce the fine essence of a film to the public from a professional angle? Meanwhile, it may be interesting to ask where those talented film critics come from and how they are systematically trained and cultivated since we-media and new media are profoundly reforming the world of Chinese film criticism. Consequently, this thematic conference will not merely try to discuss a timely sufficient form for criticizing film in contemporary China. Rather more, it also aims to investigate how film reviews are being systematically disseminated, received and integrated into a pattern of commercial operation by those we-media and new media brands for film criticism.



SHI Chuan | Deputy Head of Shanghai Film Association; Professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy


Guest Speakers :

DAI Jinhua | Professor, Department of Chinese, Peking University

Magasa | Film Critic, Chief Editor of film magazine IRIS

Joyce YANG | Committee Member of Hong Kong Film Critics Society

Taotaolinlin | Film Critic, Founder and Operator of We-Media "Taotao Tao Dianying"



The Pushing Hands behind the Ten Billion Box Office - Summit on the Revolution in Chinese Film Music Business

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date:Wednesday, June15th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: Film Music carries the memory of generations of viewers. There are many beautiful works that closely integrated emotional story themes with beautiful soundtracks that remain deeply embedded in the hearts of the audience and have make their mark in film history. In recent years, there have been many new trends in Chinese movies, soundtracks and music worth exploring. Popular film music not only expands the epitaxial viewing audience emotion but additionally many box office dark horse movie songs act as the pushing hands role in the beginning. Whether it is "hit" or "Divine Comedy", cross-border mutual aid between music and image tends to have a positive impact on both industries. What are the opinions of the popular music and film creators? What are the demands of them? This forum will explore the current status of the film music industry and the prospects of possible future directions.



ZHU Weijie | CEO of Wishart Media Co., Ltd


Guest Speakers :

CHEN Qiangbin | Professor, Dean of the Department of Music Engineering Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Sam DUAN | President of Rock Records Co., Ltd.

Ricky GAO | Music Marketing Expert

MA Le | CEO of Starry Asia Entertainment

Peter PAN | Director

SHA Baoliang | Singer

Handsome ZHAO | Music Producer


Co-organiser: Running Monster



The Future Cinema

Time: 16:30-18:00

Date: Wednesday, June 15th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: The role of Chinese cinemas is always changing along with the ever-developing film technology and market. Will film-going be able to maintain its traditional form any longer? How could cinemas adjust their operation strategies to adapt into the new trend of film-going? On the one hand, new projection technologies like IMAX, HFR (High Frame Rate) and Dolby Stereophonic Sound are booming. The decline of membership system and the rise of online ticket-booking have substantially reduced audience’s adherence to the cinema. On the other hand, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies are also receiving the flourishing development recently. The two emerging technologies with high privateness will be very likely revolutionizing the conventional way and even the definition of film watching. Will such tide wave of development be opportunity or challenge? We will take this thematic forum of “The Future of Cinema” to discuss how Chinese cinemas could survive from the dual attack of technology and market, while even burst out new exciting changes and creations.



ZHANG Wenbo | CEO of Bravo Entertainment


Guest Speakers :

FANG Bin | General Manager, Dadi Cinema Wanda

Ng See Yuen | Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, President of Seasonal Film Corporation

ZENG Maojun | Vice President, Wanda Culture Industry Group, Board Director and President of Cinema Line


Co-organiser: ifeng Entertainment



Golden Goblet Master Class

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Thursday, June 16th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: In this class, our topic will be around “Telling Our Stories to Worldwide Audiences”. We want to discuss how films from

different culture and countries can make the world cinema better, and how audience can have different choices from big studio

blockbusters and spectacle titles. Furthermore, we would also want to invite some aspiring and upcoming young filmmakers

from China and Asia, to throw questions and interact with the guest speakers. Young filmmakers can even show clips of their

movies and talk about their cinema philosophy.


Guest Speakers:

Emir KUSTURICA | Director, Actor, Producer

Krzysztof PIESIEWICZ | Screenwriter



The New Eco of “Internet + Film”—Symbiosis, Share, and Synergy

Time: 13:00-15:00

Date: Thursday, June 16th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: With the advances of the Internet and mobile Internet, the film industry, with the DNA acquired from the Internet, is evolving rapidly. Such new keywords emerged as cross-border capital influx, super IP incubation, online movies, and pan-entertainment. Traditional film industry has been reconstructed: production, promotion, distribution, and screening have assumed new formats; film-related businesses, with high added value, have heavily profited from online and mobile Internet platforms; online ticketing is eating away the market of its offline counterpart. Film O2O development accelerates, and the movie production and box office records are refreshed again and again.

The new mode of interaction and communication mode is incessantly unveiling the hidden value in Chinese film industry in the areas ranging from production, distribution, and marketing to review collection. Undoubtedly, the power of “Internet +”is helping a speedy transformation and upgrade of the film Industry.

How to create a new ecology of movie market by using Internet technology, data, platform and capital in the future, and how every element in the industrial chain fits in the whole new Internet ecology to achieve Symbiosis, Share, and Synergy, are the discussion Baidu Nuomi Pictures will focus on with all its counterparts at this meeting.


Co-organiser: Baidu Nuomi Pictures



The Internationalization and Innovation on Chinese Film Education

Time: 16:00-18:00

Date: Thursday, June 16th

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Brief: In 2015, the box office gross income for Chinese films reached 44.069 Million RMB. In the next few years, China is expected to become the largest film market in the world exceeding today’s market leader, North America. The thriving Chinese film industry urgently needs a vast amount of professional, innovative and creative staff to support this growth. Forum experts will explore how future innovations can be achieved through cooperation between Chinese film colleges and the film industry in both domestic and overseas markets.  They will build on the learning experience from both Chinese and American film education.Additionally, this forum will explore the potential impact the latest trend, media convergence. In particular, the trend of digital cinema technologies such as “virtual reality” or VR is expected to become a new subject for film education. Hot topics in film education include “How to ensure film-talent training is aligned with contemporary needs” and “How to promote film education\'s internationalization and localization”.



Sherwood HU | President of Shanghai Theater Academy-Film and Television Academy


Guest Speakers :

Alan BAKER | Associate Dean of the School of Cinematic Arts, USC

CHEN Kaige | Dean of Shanghai Film Academy, Shanghai University

GONG Siyi | Dean of Shanghai Vancouver Film School

LEE YONG KWAN | Chair of Busan International Film Festival, Dean of Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts, Dongseo University

Teri SCHWARTZ | Dean of the School of Theater, Film and Television, UCLA

ZHANG Huijun | Dean of Beijing Film Academy



Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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