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Article 1

The Regulation is drawn to the works and individuals registered in the SIFF EXPLORE of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as "the Festival").


Article 2

The SIFF EXPLORE is an innovative initiative for the improvement of the new talents cultivation system. It aims to discover the new talents through the short video works and help them grow, to explore the new works and the expressions, to take the advantage of and exert the effect of the SIFF platform, to integrate social resources, and to enlarge the talent pool.


Article 3

The Festival will be held from June 10th (Friday) to June 19th (Sunday), 2022. The SIFF EXPLORE will be held from June 16th (Thursday) to June 18th (Saturday), 2022.


Article 4

The participants in the SIFF EXPLORE are the creators of the copyrighted short videos or their authorized representatives, and only one creator, regardless of the nationality, of each short video work may be submitted for the short video category.


Article 5

Eligible short video works for registration:

1.    Filming time: April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022;

2.    Running time: Less than 4 minutes (inclusive) with opening and closing credits;

3.    Work type: Feature film, documentary, animation, experimental film and other types;

4.    Subtitle: Dialogue, narration and commentary must have English and Chinese subtitles;

5.    Quality requirements: Digital high-definition format which is higher than the unencrypted DCP or 1080p HD 30fps (encoded H.264), and conforms to the playing standard for 2K;

6.    Shooting format: Either horizontal or vertical, supporting dissemination through mobile new media.


Article 6

All applicants must fill in the online application forms and upload the whole videos for the application, and the personal information filled in should be accurate and true. If the short video work submitted has already won or been shortlisted for any kind of award in other platforms or events, the information should be listed on the application form.

Registration Email : siffexplore@siff.com

The application will be open from the date of the publication of the charter until March 31st, 2022.


Article 7

The Festival will hire professionals to evaluate the entries, and select creators of 50 short video works for the shortlist, and then 20 outstanding creators to be recommended during the Festival. The shortlist will be announced in May of 2022 on the official website of the Shanghai International Film Festival (www.siff.com) and other official channels.

The applicants will be notified by phone or email, and should be reachable during this period. The applicants must inform the Festival in advance if there are any changes to their application. Please contact 021-22009839.

After receiving the notification of being selected, the applicants must submit 2 high-definition electronic posters, 1 in horizontal format and 1 in vertical format, each with a size of at least 3M.


Article 8

The 20 selected candidates of the SIFF EXPLORE will enjoy the following benefits, which are only valid for the invited candidates, or the creators of the short video works:

1.    Participate in the activities of the SIFF EXPLORE in June of 2022, including the official activities such as on-site promotion, exploration class, closing red carpet ceremony, as well as the film training courses organized by the Shanghai Vancouver Film School at a later stage.

2.    The selected candidates enjoy 3 nights' stay in the designated hotels during the Festival provided by the Festival.

3.    The Festival will promote the selected candidates on the official website, official WeChat account, official Weibo and official partner media.


Article 9

The Festival shall have the right to use the selected short videos for the online and offline screening and promotion, including but not limited to: multi-platform screening, official brochures, official posters, promotional leaflets, partner media and other promotional channels.

The Festival has the right to archive the selected short video works, which will only be used for recordkeeping and not for any commercial use.


Article 10

The official explanation and announcement of the Festival shall prevail over any unresolved matters.


Article 11

Participation in SIFF EXPLORE implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. The applicants are obliged to ensure that their short video works comply with the laws and regulations and do not violate the rights and interests of the third parties.


Article 12

The Festival is very much aware of the global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, carefully monitoring all developments of the virus, and following China’s policies on epidemic prevention and control. The Festival may adopt alternative ways to organize its events if they are likely to be effected by a newer situation. In any case, the Festival remains committed to providing up-to-date information to all the film submitters.


Article 13

SIFF Organization Committee reserves the right of final explanation of all above articles.


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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