2021-05-23 17:08:42

SIFF Pre-sale丨The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival Releases Officially a Series Emblem Blind Boxes


The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) releases officially today the second batch of its derivatives - a series of emblems blind boxes featuring screening cinemas in design – where the rich local culture heritage of Shanghai, an international metropolis, and the brilliant history and the image in the new ear of its film industry add glamour to each other. Readers can click on the “Derivatives” button to purchase on the official WeChat account of SIFF. Pre-sold derivatives will be shipped from May 24. During this year's SSIFF, the derivatives are also available at the designated screening cinemas to audiences.


It is worth mentioning that the official derivatives this year by SIFF is a new idea aiming to enhance the public's viewing experience. In addition to the cinema emblems as shown in the picture above, the blind box containing a super mysterious emblem is also launched. Audiences watching the films screened at the designated cinemas of SIFF can also get the exquisite limited commemorative city map with the ticket stubs and emblems (the specific exchange method shall be subject to the on-site instructions of the cinemas). While enjoying the feast of film art in light and shadow, audiences have the opportunity to a fully enjoyable photogenic journey at cinemas.


If the history of Chinese film is a river that rushes forward and never stops, then the film screening industry in Shanghai is its very source. In 1896, “Western Movies” was screened in “You Yi Cun” in Xu Yuan, Shanghai, which was the first film hit the screen in China. And over a century later, Chinese film has ushered in a booming era against all odds. Cinemas, springing up like bamboo shoots after the rain, are the best witnesses of the flourish of Chinese film on this promising land of film culture in Shanghai.


The Huangpu Theater, known as the “Palace of Homegrown Films" and “Where the National Anthem Sounds", and the Grand Theater, which once enjoyed the reputation of “The First Cinema in the Far East”... These cinemas, constructed in different ages and different architectural styles, are the incarnations of urban changes and development across the times in Shanghai. As time goes by, they have the imprint of the times upon them, serving as the best proof of the eventful and glorious centennial history of Chinese film.



Today, SIFF, as the epitome for Shanghai's cultural life, gathers every June people who love movies in the designated screening theaters to share a feast of film art. For more than two decades, the screening theaters of SIFF have recorded the unforgettable moments of light and shadow, and carried the exclusive memories for generations of audiences.


The emblems feature the silhouettes of cinema buildings in simple hand-drawn lines with delicacy and ingenuity. The bright colorways help the audiences recall the growth journey of Shanghai film, and the brilliant chapters in the history of Chinese film as well. These cinemas that travel through time loftily have not only created a spiritual home for the majority of movie fans, but will also accompany Chinese film on the trip to a bright future.



The cinema emblems are from the new derivative “GaSIFF” series offered by this SIFF. “GaSIFF” is derived from the homonym of “Ga Sanhu” in the Shanghai dialect, which means “chat”. Movie fans are welcome to the SIFF to have a SIFF chat about movies.