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Supporting China’s film industry and promoting domestic film development


Co-established by Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and China Movie Channel Program Center (CCTV-ó), the Media Focus Unit China Movie Channel is a professional film event that aims to support China's film industry and promote domestic film development, and plays a forward-looking and guiding role in the development of China's film productions. The organizer CCTV-6 collaborates with dozens of mainstream media including television, newspapers, magazines and websites to determine the winners of the unit's 10 awards by means of a vole among the reporters on the principles of fairness and justice: Most Attractive Film, Most Attractive Screenwriter, Most Attractive Director, Most Attractive Leading Actor, Most Attractive Leading Actress, Most Attractive Supporting Actor, Most Attractive supporting Actress, Most Attractive New Director, Most Attractive New Actor and Most Attractive New Actress.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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