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Regulation on 2022 International Film and TV Online Market of 28th STVF and 25th SIFF


Article I

This regulation applies to the 2022 International Film and TV Online Market. (Hereinafter referred to as Online Market.)

The organizing committee of Shanghai TV Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival are the organizers of the Online Market. (Hereinafter referred to as organizing committee.)

Anyone who signs up to participate in the Online Market is deemed to acknowledge and accept this regulation.


Article II. Dates and Format

Date:  June 13th to 22th, 2022

Location: Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Online Market platform

URLs: onlinemarket.stvf.com



Article III. Online Booth Application

1. Exhibitors applying for the online market booth must log into the official website of the Shanghai TV Festival (www.stvf.com) or Shanghai International Film Festival(www.siff.com) and fill out the "Online Booth Application Form". The online registration period is from January 1st, 2022 to May 20th, 2022.


2. The online booths rented by exhibitors are limited to the use of the company. Without the consent of the organizing committee, online booths may not be transferred or allocated to other companies without authorization. Otherwise, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the exhibitors' qualifications, and the booth fees paid by exhibitors will not be refunded.


3. Exhibitors who participate in both the film section and the TV section of the online market at the same time need to apply  respectively.


4. The organizing committee has the right to approve or reject the booth application without giving any clarifications.


Article IV. Online Booth Rates and Payment

1. Booth pricing

Booth Type Price
Standard Booth ¥3,000
Premium Booth ¥12,000
Umbrella Booth ¥25,000

Exhibitors shall pay all booth fees within 5 working days after signing the Online Booth Application Form and email the receipt of the payment to the organizing committee, otherwise the booth application will be invalid.


2. If exhibitors fail to make the payment according to the stipulated date, the organizing committee has the right to reject their participation.


3. After submitting the Online Booth Application Form and payment of the fee, if exhibitors need to withdraw due to their own reasons, they must apply to the organizing committee in writing for withdrawal before May 20th and within 30 days from the Online Booth Application Form becomes effective, or the fees paid will be non-refundable. Exhibitors who sign the Online Booth Application Form after May 1st (including the same day) cannot apply for withdrawal.


Article V. Basic Configuration and Management of Online Booths

1. Different types of online booths are configured according to the following standard:

Booth Type Complimentary Accounts Including
Company Description LOGO Poster Slots Video (min)
Standard 5 5 2
Premium 20 20 10
Umbrella 30 30 30

All types of online booths include company description in Chinese and English, company LOGO, poster and video showcase, complimentary accounts and online conferencing functionalities. For Umbrella Booths, 30 poster slots and 30 minutes of video material are shared among the main company and affiliates.

All the texts, pictures and videos uploaded by the exhibitors to be showcased in online booths must be submitted to the organizing committee before May 20th, and will only be published after review.


Article VI. Guest Account Management and Access

1. All Online Market participants must complete the registration online, and will only have access to the Online Market after the registration is approved by the organizing committee.


2. The guest accounts will be subject to real-name authentication, and limited to the account holder’s use. Guest accounts are non-transferrable. In case of any violation, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the account that is used by anyone other than the account holder.


Article VII. Contact Information of Organizing Committee

Name:Jennifer ZHAO(For TV)

Phone number:86-21-22009833 



Name:Han YAN(For film)

Phone number:86-21-22009816



Name:Edward XU(For market events)

Phone number:86-21-22009835



Address: 20F, 211 Kangding Rd., Shanghai



Article VIII. Others

1. The organizer is closely monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, and following the national policies for disease prevention and control. If measures need to be taken in scenarios regarding the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer will comply and provide the latest updates as soon as possible.


2. This Regulation is drafted in Chinese and translated into English. In case of any conflict between the English version and the Chinese one, the Chinese version shall prevail.


3. The organizing committee of Shanghai TV Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival is responsible for revising and interpreting this Regulation, and is entitled to the final interpretation right thereof.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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