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Shanghai International Film Festival Publishes the Second Batch of Films


  14 Competition Finalists of Golden Goblet Award Published

  The Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Film Festival published the second batch of competition finalists of Golden Goblet Award on June 3, after announcing 9 ones last week.“The Dead End”,“Journey to the Shore”,“Love in the 1980s”,“Iron Fists” and “The Shameness” were made the finalists at the last gasp. Among them,“The Dead End”,“Love in the 1980s” and “Iron Fists” made their debut in the world.By then, 14 competition finalists of Golden Goblet Award were all released.

  “The Dead End”, adapted from the novel “Macula”, was made by Cao Baoping, the director and script-writer, for 3 years, starring Deng Chao, Duan Yihong and Guo Tao. It tells the story that 3 sworn brothers raise an orphan girl collectively. Apparently, everything goes very smoothly. However, invisible contradictions emerge endlessly. With coincidences, the life goes on. Cao Baoping, once awarded with Special Jury Award of Asian New Talent Award in 2006 Shanghai International Film Festival, is totally different with the new work being made a finalist.

  “Journey to the Shore”, the new work of Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a famous director from Japan, stars Tadanobu Asano, Eri Fukatsu, Yu Aoi, Akira Emoto and other famous Japanese film stars. In the film, Kiyoshi Kurosawa leads actors to explore the story that the dead husband comes back to life to live with his wife and finds touching things they’ve missed.

  “Love in the 1980s”, adapted from Yefu (Zheng Shiping)’s novel of the same name, tells a loving yet poignant love story in the 1980s. Huo Jianqi’s films are always characterized by aesthetic and implicit literary texture, of which,“Postmen in the Mountains” is best known. His work “Falling Flowers” was a finalist of Golden Goblet Award in 2012 and awarded with Best Cinematography.

  “Iron Fists” directed by Antoine Fuqua tells an inspirational story that a professional boxing champion who undergoes the toughest time when his career climaxes makes efforts to reach the peak again. Director Antoine Fuqua is good at presenting real men who are good yet evil. The protagonist Jake Gyllenhaal fleshed himself up to change significantly his look and body language for the role, attempting to win Best Actor of Oscar. It is worth mentioning that it’s produced by the Hollywood team yet invested fully by China Wanda Group, being the best representative that China’s enterprise attempts to perfect the system of the film industry with the help of Hollywood.

  “The Shameness” directed by Seung-ook Oh tells the love story between the criminal policeman and the criminal suspect. The heroine Jeon Do-Youn won Best Actress of 2007 Cannes Film Festival with “Secret Sunshine”, being the second best actress of Cannes in Asia.

  Andrey Zvyagintsevwill be Jury President of Golden Goblet Award of the coming Shanghai International Film Festival. Together with Cai Shangjun, a Chinese director, Hao Lei, a Chinese actress, Shi Nan Sun, a filmmaker from Hong Kong, China, Kim Hui-jae, a Korean script-writer, Philip Miller, a France director and Ron Yerxa, an American filmmaker, he will select the best finalist. The result will be released in the award ceremony on June 21.


  Competition Finalists of Golden Goblet Award (14 ones)

  “Cake” directed by Daniel Barnz (America)

  “Carte Blanche” directed by Jacek Lusiński (Poland)

  “The Duchess of Warsaw”directed byJoseph Morder (France)

  “Jameh Daran”directedby Hamid Ghotbe (Iran)

  “The Midwife”directed byAntti Jokinen (Finland/Lithuania)

  “The Night Watchman” directed by Pierre Jolivet (France/Belgium)

  “Salut D’amour”directed byKang Je-kyu(Korea)

  “Sunstroke” directed by Nikita Mikhalkov (Russia)

  “Where the Wind Settles” directed by Wang Tung (Taiwan, China)

  “The Dead End” directed by Cao Baoping (China)

  “Journey to the Shore” directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan)

  “Love in the 1980s” directed by Huo Jianqi (China)

  “Iron Fists” directed by Antoine Fuqua (America)

  “The Shameness” directed by Seung-ook Oh (Korea)