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SIFF NEXT | Looking for Young Filmmakers! Open for Recruitment!


The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival · SIFF NEXT 2021 will once again meet with filmmakers in Shanghai. From today to March 1st, trainee recruitment is officially opened for young filmmakers in the field of producer, screenwriter and director, among whom 20 finalists will be selected to participate in the SIFF NEXT activities (Phase I) during this year's Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF). 

SIFF NEXT is an independent session for the incubation of new filmmakers launched by SIFF, and has been successfully held for two years. It transfers its focus from the movie project itself to new filmmaking individuals, especially the three crucial roles of the project initiation: producer, screenwriter and director. As a continuous platform for individual growth and project incubation, it sets up progressive activities throughout the year.

SIFF NEXT 2020 totally received applications from 434 trainees, with 10 directors, 5 screenwriters and 5 producers finally selected. The Phase I session was not held due to the epidemic, but the Phase II “Development Workshop” went ahead as scheduled at the end of the year. Prior to this, SIFF NEXT had solicited feature film projects in development from previous trainees. At the end, six finalists came to Shanghai with their projects and teams, attending a 3-day project Development Workshop. During the workshop, trainees had an in-depth discussion with 4 mentors on topics of script writing, project development and shooting, not only sorting out and exploring possible orientation of their projects, but also receiving more specific suggestions on script modification.

SIFF NEXT 2021 will return to its regular year-round schedule, containing two main phases:

The Phase I session will be a 7-day Industry Fundamentals during the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival. The finalists will have face-to-face communication with top domestic filmmakers, while visiting first-class post-production companies and participating in different sections of the festival, and enjoying an all-round experience of international film festival. SIFF NEXT provides new filmmakers with solid and targeted support, helping them enter the industry and complete their first and second feature films. Warmly welcome all participants with experience of producer, screenwriter and director to participate and promote mutual support among filmmakers of the same age and generation.

The Phase II session will be held at the end of the year, lasting about 3 days. In the second half of the year, the organizing committee will solicit feature film projects and entire screenplay from previous trainees. About 6 shortlisted projects will be invited to the project Development Workshop to join the tight but efficient closed-door communication with the mentors, and make presentations to the industry at the end. Two best projects will be selected by the mentors as direct finalists for the next SIFF Project.

Now, 2021 SIFF NEXT Phase I has officially started recruiting young filmmakers with certain filmmaking experience across the Chinese-speaking region. If you meet any of the following criteria, apply now!

a. Producer: Produced at least two short films, or one feature film.
b. Screenwriter: Completed at least two short films, or one feature film.
c. Director: Directed two short films, or one feature film.
PS: Applicants with feature film projects in development will be given priority.

Serious and vivid, intense and free, SIFF NEXT hopes to support more young filmmakers to gain simple yet valuable experience, helping them enter the broader movie world with ease.

SIFF NEXT is committed to the next generation of filmmakers and films.



SIFF NEXT is an independent session for the incubation of new filmmakers launched by SIFF, and has been successfully held for two years, presenting 40 trainees and 14 projects. The event is divided into two phases, separately in June (during the film festival) and in December of the year. Through a year-round and progressive content planning, it not only offers targeted help for young filmmakers to enter the industry, but also provides a platform to support their personal career growth and the incubation of feature film projects.

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