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New Releases | Nimbostuatus nominated for the Asian New Talent Awards is set to premiere this month

 Nimbostuatus directed by Guo Jialiang and supervised by Pema Tseden is set to premiere on the digital cinema platform of China Film Group Corporation from November 26, which was nominated for the Best Actor and Best Actress at the Asian New Talent Awards of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) in 2019.


Poster of Nimbostuatus

The movie is about Xu Lin, a single mother in a small northern town. Divorced and unemployed, she took care of her son who received lymphoma treatment in Beijing. To make ends meet, she had to work for a first-aid station in fetching people. Even after the treatment was finished, she still had to pay a lot to buy pharmaceuticals to maintain her son’s health condition, which drove her to borrow money, look for a job and sell her house. However, another heavy blow was already approaching silently.


Trailer of Nimbostuatus
Frustrated as she was, the heroin never surrendered. She was neither strong nor weak, but someone like you and me who try hard to find a way out. Based on a true story, the director adopts a mother’s perspective and narrates in a controlled, calm yet powerful way without planning strong conflicts or sensational parts. While telling Xu Lin’s story, it also depicts troubles of nobodies and how they choose, hold on and trade off. The movie’s name “Jiaoyang” (Chinese pinyin) means heat and light in Chinese, and its English name “Nimbostratus” means a type of cloud that usually produces rain, and the sun behind the cloud, symbolizing hope and sunshine.

Nimbostuatus crew at the press conference of the 22nd SIFF
Jia Jiaqi and Yue Chengxuan who starred as Xu Lin and her son were nominated for the Best Actress and Best Actor of the Asian New Talent Awards of the 22nd SIFF in 2019 due to their precise understanding of characters and authentic performance. Amid the 22nd SIFF, Guo Jialiang, the director, and main crew members were present at the fan-meeting session after the film was screened, and shared their experiences in the shooting period and thoughts on the film.

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