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New Releases | Guang Nominated for the Asian New Talent Awards is Set to Premiered on November 6

The Malaysian film Guang directed by Shio Chuan Quek and starred by Kyo Chen, Shun Yuan Chong and Emily Chan will hold its premiere in China on November 6, which was nominated for four awards including the Best Film and Best Director at the Asian New Talent Awards, 21st Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), in 2018 and screened in many international film festivals afterwards.


Poster of Guang

Guang is about two brothers. Wen Guang (starred by Kyo Chen), the elder brother, is autistic and struggles with social interaction. His younger brother (starred by Shun Yuan Chong) tried to help him to look for a job, but Wen Guang screwed every interview, leaving the younger brother angry but clueless. However, the melody flowing from Wen Guang’s room one day led him to discover his elder brother’s talent for music.

Guang is based on the real story of director Shio Chuan Quek and his elder brother Shio Gai Quek, who has autism. The director records the sparkles of his brother’s daily routines, conveying the idea that family members may love you more than they can say. In the film, the younger brother walked into the inner heart of Wen Guang step by step and witnessed Wen Guang’s highlight moments as he better understood him while staying by his side. By making this film, the director wants to encourage everyone to be confident about the fact that he/she is “different” and pursue his/her love bravely.



Film stills of Guang

Many elements in the movie touch audiences’ heart, like Wen Guang’s unchanged passion for music, the younger brother’s companionship and understanding towards Wen Guang and how they mature along the journey. Solitude appears to be a common thing for urban dwellers who are on their own and often misunderstood, but this movie warms them up in this winter. 



The director Shio Chuan Quek in the ceremony for releasing selected films for the Asian New Talent Awards of the 21st SIFF

Guang was nominated for the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor of the Asian New Talent Awards of the 21st SIFF. Asian New Talent Award of the Shanghai International Film Festival was launched in 2004, aiming at gathering new forces in film creativity, excavating/tapping fresh young faces on screens, and boosting newly made productions by young film makers into worldwide perspective.



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