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The Belt and Road Film Week: Outdoor screening this summer

On July 27, The Belt and Road Film Week Screenings kicked off. In addition to new movies from countries and regions along The Belt and Road, 12 films recommended by members of Belt and Road Film Festival Alliance were screened in 36 street towns in Pudong New Area, with a total of 73 outdoor screenings for the public.
Outdoor screenings will continue at the World Expo, Golden Bridge Film Square, Weifang Street, Zhoujiadu Street, Nanhui New City Film Square and other locations this weekend, including the Chinese film GIRLS ALWAYS HAPPY, the Bangladeshi film MADE IN BANGLADESH and the Bulgarian film SISTERS. 

On August 1, the GIRLS ALWAYS HAPPY lit up the screen at Nanhui New City Film Square. The film, directed by Yang Mingming, was selected in the Belt and Road Film Festival of SIFF in 2018, and awarded as Media Focus Filmmaker in 2018 Film Week.
In order to protect public’s health safety, measures such as temperature measurement and health code checking have been set up before accessing to the outdoor screening. Audiences are required to wear masks during watching. Additionally, seats at screenings are also arranged at least one meter apart to maintain a safe distance.
Before film screening, Huang Wei, Vice-minister of Pudong New Area's Publicity Department and Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of PNA, introduced features and highlights of this Belt and Road Film Week. She pointed out that this cultural project for people was a great success this year as the movie story comes from the people's daily life, outdoor screening takes it back to our people. Furthermore, this event also reflected the concept of “People's City People Build, People's City for People”. This event was a good attempt as a new starting point, and it would be held again next year.

As the last guided tour of the Film Week, Director Huang presented The Belt and Road Film Week series stamp to the representative of street town on behalf of the event organizers to thank for their hard work in this event. Ma Yufei, Deputy Director of Social Development Department of Lingang New Area and Deputy Mayor of Nanhui New Town, received this gift and delivered a speech.
Huang Liya and Wang Zhihua, on behalf of Actresses and Actors' Troupe of Shanghai Film Studios, were invited to the event to recommend GIRLS ALWAYS HAPPY, a film following a story of conflict and reconciliation between mother and daughter in a Beijing hutong. They also shared their feelings with audiences.

In 2020, 17 films from China, Greece, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other countries and regions take part in The Belt and Road Film Week of 2020 SIFF, with the theme of Traveling With Movies. These films present fantastic and moving human stories, from which audiences can not only understand the exploration in the form of film art by film creators from different countries, but also travel to Asia, Africa, Europe to feel colorful scenery and local customs by following steps of movie characters. 

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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