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Asian New Talent Award Official Film|A Little Bird Reminds Me Brings Memory of the Times

A Little Bird Reminds Me officially selected of the Asian New Talent Award at this Shanghai International Film Festival premiers today, where Shi Xin, director; Ma Qiyue, actor; and Huang Hai, actor have attended this post premiere meeting. A Little Bird Reminds Me is a youth poem dedicated to the 1990s. It tells the growing process of a rebellious boy and the changes of his family life. In the warm plot, the film reflects the memory of an era in the slow lens.

"There were many innocent memories of that time." Shi Xin recalls. Shi Xin, a director who had a habit of writing essays since childhood, once decided to film the pieces of memory accumulated for many years under the encouragement of his teacher. "I think there was our childlike innocence in that era. We had experienced in real with sincere feelings. Though now the era is very good, with developed science and technology, and convenient communication, the scenes of the past and people would rise before my eyes now and then.”
As for the title of A Little Bird Reminds Me, Shi Xin explains that: "the word "light year" is very special. We all know that it is the concept of length, but we often mistake it as a unit of time. I think this kind of specious feeling is especially like our own subjective judgment in recalling the past and the uncertainty of children when they are growing up." The so-called "Feiyue" is to "fly back to the old time to see if there is anything valuable left behind."

What's interesting is that the actor Ma Qiyue is actually a Post-00, and he has not experienced the 1990s. When asked how he interprets his role, Ma Qiyue thinks that the characters in the film have many similarities with him although time and space are different. He adds that: “We are all in adolescence. We are all confused and rebellious. For example, we all have had conflicts with our parents, which may be due to differences in planning for the future, or that we do not know how to face the future, but we still have a vision for the future.” Director Shi Xin also tells an interesting thing. Before the film started, Ma Qiyue's father had hoped that the director could take this opportunity to help him discipline his son as he said that "he has been rebellious recently.”
Although the young actor performs very "rebellious", there are also tender and tearful scenes in the film. According to the director, in a scene near the end of the play, Ma Qiyue was requested to have impromptu words to say "Mom and Dad, thank you for your effort" to his parents in the film. As a result, Huang Hai, the actor who plays his father, burst into tears on the spot. Recalling the shooting scene at that time, Huang Hai says that: "In the film, the child has always been rebellious, and his father has done a lot of things for him in silence. That day, I suddenly realized that he actually knew everything after I heard this sentence. As a result, I can't hold my emotions anymore." This impromptu part has also become a touching scene in the whole film.
Niu Ben, an 85 year old performing artist, also played a cameo role in the film. According to the director, Niu Ben is respected by all personnel. He adds that: "Every day he appears is a great encouragement to us and a good guide and help to the actors.” "Mr. Niu helped me analyze the characters and made me understand the characters clearly." Ma Qiyue recalls. Besides, Niu Ben's attention and meticulousness is also deeply admired by the staff. In a play, the newspaper props had obvious chronological errors. Fortunately, Niu Ben found out in time and avoided a "goof".
Although the film has a strong "autobiographical" attribute, director Shi Xin says that he still hopes to express the collective feeling of a generation. "My original intention is to share some common memories of childhood with my peers, to remind people of their childhood and youth. And I think is also the wish of many people," he adds.



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