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SIFF PROJECT | 2018 GAME STARTS began shooting recently

The film named GAME STARTS has been boot recently with its poster released, exposing the main casts. This film is produced by Zhang Yibai and directed by Cheng Liang. It starts Peng Yuchang and Ding Yuxi in the title roles. The project was shortlisted in the SIFF Project of 21st Shanghai International Film Festival in 2018.

By integrating suspense and honor elements, the film tells the story of Liu Quanlong and Chen Lun, who have two identities and step on different roads, take an opportunity to open a identify exchange adventure. In the poster of this exposure, Peng and Ding sat at the table with meaningful expressions looming in the darkness, the light outside the window reflected shadows on the wall, creating a suspenseful and tense setting. This set of posters was customized for the film by Lu Yunfan, the main visual poster designer of the 2020 SIFF. He said, "The image of crow highlights the suspense type, which is also used to pay tribute to THE BIRDS directed by film master Hitchcock, and the division and dislocation of light and shadow symbolize the two teenagers' life".

Poster of Game Starts

As a "potential stock" in the new generation of actors, the leading role Peng Yuchang of the film has been recognized by insiders and audiences. He was nominated for Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor for AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL, and was selected by CCTV6 Film Channel as "One of the Four New Generation Actors", and starred in the movies such as OUR SHINING DAYS and GO BROTHER!with good performance. Another lead actor Ding Yuxi is of popularity and strength, and he also received a lot of attention from works including THE ROMANCE OF TIGER AND ROSE and INTENSE LOVE.

The creators of GAME STARTS at the 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival

In addition, The Producer Zhang's US AND THEM and KILL MOBILE achieved high box office performance and good reputation. The upcoming film LEAP has aroused national audience’s expectation. These works are evidences that Zhang has ability to control different types of films. While City of Black & White directed by Cheng Liang has won the Best Short Film of film competition section at the 8th FIRST International Film Festival. His charismatic image style and the ability in managing the film have been widely recognized and praised in the sector. Their cooperation in the film production will bring a new experience for audiences, and also adds new expectations to the Chinese film market after the resumption of work.
The GAME STARTS is produced by Shanghai Maoyan Movie Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Micro Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shigu Film Co., Ltd., Khorgos Youth Enlight Pictures Co., Ltd, and The First Cry Picture. What adventure will the two fate-swapping teenagers play, and let’s take it shot.

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