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Under the Driving of "Belt and Road", Sharing Space Unveils in the Witness of More Friends

The "Belt and Road" circle of friends in the field of film and television has expanded again. On July 29th, the "Belt and Road" Film Week of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was officially launched in Shanghai International Resort. 16 "Belt and Road" enterprises with the cooperation intention and key enterprises settled in the resort have signed contracts. Meanwhile, the Sharing Space unveiled in Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park.

Weng Zuliang, member of Standing Committee and Secretary of Pudong New Area Party Committee, and Zong Ming, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai and Director of Resort Management Committee, attended the signing and unveiling ceremony. Hang Weiying, Deputy Secretary of Pudong New Area Party Committee and District Mayor, unveiled the nameplate for the Film and Television Sharing Space. Li Guirong, member of Pudong New Area Standing Committee, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Resort Management Committee, and Executive Deputy Director, and Tang Jinsong, member of Pudong New Area Standing Committee and Director of Propaganda Department, attended the unveiling ceremony.

With "Light and Shadow" as the Media, Expand the Circle of Friends 

Up to now, the "Belt and Road" Film Week has been held in Pudong for 3 successive years .The "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance has expanded its "circle of friends" in the field of film and television every year. From 2018 to July this year, 50 institutions from 44 countries have joined the "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance. The film week held for 3 successive years has imported a large number of film industry resources into the resort. At present, more than 50 film post-production and film industry related enterprises have settled in the resort.

During this Film Week, 16 enterprises with cooperation intention and key enterprises settled in the resort have signed contracts, involving multiple industrial links such as film and television post-production, filming, publishing, etc. which lays a better foundation for the industrial function integration in the resort. Many of these enterprises are the leaders of film and television industry, for example, Chengdu Coco Cartoon Co., Ltd. participating in the post-production of "Nezha", Hangzhou TimeAxis Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. participating in the digital production of "Once Upon a Time" and "The honey sank like frost”, and Ftrack (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., a process management software company from Northern Europe. Relevant persons said that the projects already signed reflected the international style, demonstrated Chinese elements, highlighted Shanghai characteristics, and gave play to the role of industrial guidance.

Since last year, the resort has strengthened the prospective planning, strived for industrial upgrading, and explored the connotation of tourism service, with the goal of building build Pudong New Area into a place where "different groups of people can find something here to like Shanghai". Huang Wei, Director General of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Pudong New Area, said: "With this goal, we should grasp the opportunity of "Belt and Road" Film Week, constantly promote the industrial upgrading of the resort, and build the resort into a hot international resort." In addition, Huang Wei also said that in the context of the COVID-2019 epidemic this year, the "Belt and Road" Film Week series activities should take the light and shadow as the media, and make communication and exchange on excellent films, to let the people living in the countries along the "Belt and Road" learn more about their respective lives and cultures, further enhance the emotional link, and show the humanistic sentiments of China to stand together with other countries in the world and fight the COVID-2019 epidemic hand by hand. Meanwhile, the open-air film playing activities have been arranged in 36 sub-districts and towns in Pudong New Area, mainly playing excellent films from the “Belt and Road” film weeks over the past years, so that Pudong citizens can enjoy the excellent films on their doorsteps. Moreover, the "Belt and Road" Film Week also provided some free tickets for the staff in the frontline fighting against the COVID-2019 epidemic, to show the sincere respect to them.

It is reported that during the " Belt and Road" Film Week, a batch of screening films such as " Girls Always Happy", "Made in Bangladesh", "RK/R Kay" and "Sisters" will take audiences unable to travel during the COVID-2019 epidemic to experience the collision of identity, culture and emotion. This is not only the charm of films, but also the original intention of holding the "Belt and Road" Film Week. The meet-and-greet may hold during the playing of these films.

Build a Sharing Space to Amplify the "Field Effect"

Rooted on the development goal of building Shanghai into a world famous tourist city, Shanghai International Resort is cultivating and developing tourism, cultural creativity, conference and exhibition, commercial retail, sports and leisure industries, and building a highland of modern service industry. The Sharing Space unveiled ceremoniously in Pudong International Film and Television Industry Park is an outcome under this goal.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions, Huawei, Visual China Group, ByteDance and other technology and internet companies, Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry and other colleges and universities, and the National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice have signed the Framework Agreement on Cooperation and Co-construction with the Sharing Space.

Li Zhihong, Second-level Counsel of Resort Management Committee, said that the film and television technology sharing space platform will be an important step and operating platform for construction of Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park. The platform has fundamentally changed the original single model of order receipt--order issuance-production for film post-production, and provided a full-process and holographic development direction for post-production enterprises. The film and television sharing space will be equipped with the special effect production station, motion capture studio, virtual shooting studio, recording studio, dubbing studio, cutting room, private cloud and other functional facilities for the whole process of film post-production, which will become an efficient and shared integration platform.

Over the past three years, the resort has always been focusing on high-end industrial chains such as high-tech film and television production, international film and television talent education and training, and global film and television exchange and cooperation, etc. With high-level investment promotion to push the construction of high-quality park, the resort has built a path of characteristic industry development. Next, the resort will strive to improve the technical content of this core carrier based on the construction of "new infrastructures", set up the Data Center for Chinese Film and Television Technology Talents, and the Digital Asset Trading Platform, and explore the Pudong model in which Chinese film and television post-production will take part in global competition. It is hoped that in the next 3 to 5 years, the "field effect" of film and television industry will be formed in the resort through the development from a point to an area.

Provide the special fund to strengthen the support

The 2nd Shanghai • China Film and Television Technology Innovation Summit in 2020 held concurrently with the "Belt and Road" Film Week revealed that in order to further support the development of regional film and television industry, the 2020 special fund policy for the development of film and television industry in the resort will further focus on the development of online film and television entertainment, and incorporate short plays, short films, short videos, short audios, documentaries, variety shows, etc. that are popular in the market in recent years as new types of film and television works in the scope of policy support.

In addition, the policy of "2020 version" will strengthen the support on projects involving the "Belt and Road" themes and countries. For example, in terms of "institution settlement subsidy ", if representative film and television organization institutions and cooperative film and television institutions from the countries along the "Belt and Road" settle in the resort and rent office buildings, the subsidy is up to 40% of the certified rent, 10% higher than the upper limit of other institutions settled in the resort.

In terms of "localized production subsidy", film and television companies in the resort are encouraged to cooperate with artistic talents, film and television companies or cultural institutions in the countries along the "Belt and Road" for co-production. Co-produced projects can get the reward equivalent to 5% of the certified localization expenditures (plus the basic rewards, the reward is up to 35%), and even some projects meeting the conditions can get the subsidy equivalent to about 40% of the certified localization expenditures.

In terms of “works creation and development”, if the works mainly focuses on the cultural features and humanistic stories of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, or actively promotes cultural exchanges and mutual learning among the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and advocates positive values, an extra reward of no more than RMB 1 million will be given (plus the basic rewards, the film works can get the reward up to RMB 6 million, and other film and television works can get the reward up to RMB 3 million). The "One Belt One Road" film and television talent training project can get a subsidy equivalent to 40% of the certified cost, with the upper limit of RMB1 million.
In terms of "film and television publicity and exchange", the film and television works published in the countries along the "Belt and Road" can get a subsidy equivalent to 30% of the certified overseas publicity cost, with the upper limit of RMB 2 million.

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