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SIFF PROJECT | 2020 SIFF PROJECT published the honor list

On July 28, the honor list of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival·SIFF project was announced, and the four-day SIFF PROJECT was successfully completed.

This year, SIFF PROJECT has received 450 applications from 9 countries, of which 39 projects have stood out. Among them, 10 projects have been shortlisted for the “Youth Director Project” unit, 3 projects have been shortlisted for the “Co-production Project” unit, 16 projects have been shortlisted for the “Project in Creation” unit, and 10 projects have been shortlisted for the “Project in Production”. During the event, 509 talks, three trial shows of “Project in Production” and 20 public statements were completed.

This year, SIFF PROJECT has formed a strategic partnership with Shanghai Film Co., Ltd. Shanghai Film will provide RMB 200000 for each project of “Best Director Project”, “Best Idea Project” and “Specially Recommended Project by Jury” to support script creation and concept film making. At the same time, it also provided site support for this session of SIFF PROJECT. In addition, another 8 partners have set up honor projects in SIFF PROJECT. Among them, the “Bad Monkey 72 Changes Film Plan” special attention project, 7 impression “Future Promising” special attention project, Tencent Pictures special attention project and Shanghai Science and technology Film City special attention project will each select a project from all shortlisted projects which are not “Project in Production” and provide RMB 150,000 for it. In addition, ShanghaiTech-USC project will select 3 projects from all shortlisted projects and provide 3-5 major creators of each project with an opportunity of learning screenwriter module for 3 months; Phenom will select 1 project from all the shortlisted “Project in production” and provide the whole process service of dimming and toning for post production, and the value of the content provided will not be less than RMB 200,000; Mofei Pictures will select 1 project from the shortlisted “Final Project” and provide it with post-production service of sound worth no less than RMB 200,000; Vivid Digital will select 1 project from all the shortlisted “Project in Production” and provide it with Baselight toning technology service worth RMB 250,000.

Public statement of “Youth Film Project” and “Project in Production”

As an influential film project financing event in Asia, in the past 14 years, SIFF PROJECT has witnessed 75 films getting into production. In the past 13 months, there have been many new developments in the past projects of SIFF PROJECT:

The shortlisted projects Lost(Luodan) and Deep in the Heart III (Niu Boyou) in 2019, the shortlisted project Hot Soup (Zhang Ming) in 2018 and the shortlisted project Summer Arouse (Li Xiaojiang) in 2016 have been completed.

In this year, five previous projects of SIFF PROJECT have won the Asian New Talent Award: Wisdom Tooth (Liang Ming), Sometime, Sometime (Jacky Yeap), Anchor Baby/Model (Jing Ran), Mickey on the Road (Hui-Mian Lu) and Wild Grass (Xu Zhanxiong).

Swing (Wang Yang) was shortlisted for the venture capital unit FOCUS ASIA 2020 of Far East Film Festival, Single Cycle (Zhang Qi) was shortlisted for the Crouching Tiger unit of the main competition of Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival, If You Are Happy (Chen Xiaoming) won the Jury Prize of the Movie Critic Award unit of Dublin International Film Festival and was shown in theatres in 2019, Over the sea (Sun Aoqian) was shortlisted for the “New Wave” unit of Busan International Film Festival, We Are Champions (Jung-chi Chang) won 3 awards and 14 nominations of Taipei Film Festival, The Calming (Song Fang) won the CICAE Art Film Award of the “Forum” unit of Berlin International Film Festival, and Wisdom Tooth (Liang Ming) won two awards of Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival and was shortlisted for the Bright Future International Competition unit of International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

Among them, Liang Ming, director of Wisdom Tooth, brought a new project A Chinese Marriage to reappear in SIFF Project, Zhang Qi, director of Single Cycle, brought the project Voyage au bout de la nuit this year, and Chen Xiaoming, director of If You Are Happy, also brought a new project Symphony of Destiny.

Group photo of all shortlisted project parties of 2020 SIFF PROJECT

Honor list

Phenom special attention project
One and Four

Mofei Pictures special attention project
One and Four

Vivid Digital special attention project

ShanghaiTech-USC special attention project
Year After Year, A Chinese Marriage, Tomboy
Shanghai Science and technology Film City special attention project
Tencent Pictures special attention project

7 impression “Future Promising” special attention project
The Death of A Thief

“Bad Monkey 72 Changes Film Plan” special attention project

Best project in production
Summer Blur
Amazing 19 minutes. The director told a story about innocent puberty with mature and solid camera language. The actors' performance was simple, accurate, sincere and moving, which makes people look forward to the completed film in the future.

No Problem With Thought
It unusually integrated the northern comedy with the author's expression. The director had a wide vision. He presented the characters in the social transformation through an ordinary story of love between father and daughter, so that the film has a serious expression while taking care of the audience.

Best creative project

Voyage au bout de la nuit
New ideas and pioneering consciousness. It uses day and night to present the inside and outside of life, reality and illusion, love and suspicion. The plot design is closely integrated with the film itself, which is desirable.
Special project recommended by the jury
Cornered Beast
It put the characters in an extreme environment, used the elements of horror films, and narrated the struggle between the individual and the world and the subsequent self awakening. It is bold in form and extensive in metaphor.
Best Young Director Project
It accurately grasped the inner world of young people nowadays and balanced business and expression. The starting point was sincere and the characters were vividly portrayed. The seemingly gentle narration hided the author's satire and humor. It brought warmth and comfort to the audience with self-mockery and self-examination overcoming the sarcasm and ridicule.

A Blue Daydream
With a certain social foundation, it tried to interpret the complicated inner experience of women from a new perspective with women as the subject. At the same time, it could be seen that the director intended to examine the complicated ethical world nowadays through different types of reconstruction.

The project Slower won three honors at one stroke tonight. It was incubated from the 2019 SIFF NEXT. The executive producer Dong Runnian has been the screenwriter lecturer of Phase I and the workshop tutor of Phase II of 2019 SIFF NEXT. The director Tong Jiage and executive producer Dong Runnian met, knew each other and had an in depth cooperation in the SIFF NEXT newly launched in 2019.

All achievements showed that the stepped newcomer incubation mechanism of Shanghai International Film Festival is very effective. Meanwhile, SIFF project will continue to provide all-round connection services for projects in all phases, and provide the whole industry chain support for newcomers from early creation, project incubation, resource connection to participation of competitions and shows.


Since it was established in 2007, 13 sessions have successfully been held and 75 projects have been witnessed to get into production. It is an incubator for excellent works and an important platform for exploration of new Chinese filmmakers by the industry. At present, it has formed four sub-units, namely Youth Director Project, Project in Creation, Co-production Project and Project in Production, and provides connection services such as incubation, financing and promotion.

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