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Expectation and safety - Shanghai International Film Festival to build a bridge of reunion between t

The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival will open tomorrow. The 29 cinemas and more than 40 open-air screening sites in Shanghai have completed their final preparations and adjustments today, waiting to be reunited with fans and citizens.

Since the opening of cinemas on July 20, most of the cinemas participating in this year's Shanghai Film Festival have been open for business, with fans enthusiastic and cinemas in good order. According to Shi Yijing, director of the Hongqiao Art Center flagship store of Tianshan Cinema, after its opening on Monday, the cinema maintained an attendance rate of 70% to 80% with 30% seats open, and the audience basically abided by the cinema's epidemic prevention measures. The cinema has also stepped up attendants to patrol the hall and found that those who bring their snacks or drinks into the cinema will be asked to deposit the food with unopened packages outside the cinema. Food with opened packages of which viewers who do not want to deposit can enter again after leaving the venue to finish the food. In addition to the common “standard actions” of epidemic prevention, in view of the special situation in which some audiences need blankets in an air-conditioned environment, cinemas have specially added blanket disinfection cabinets to disinfect used blankets at the end of each screening.

Staff of Shanghai cinemas wiping and disinfecting the screening halls on July 17 (photographed by Ye Chenliang)

After four or five days of opening, many viewers have become familiar with the “trilogy” of real-name registration, temperature taking and presentation of health code. The screenings of the Shanghai International Film Festival will begin tomorrow. Because the cinema screenings of the film festival adopt online ticket purchase and offline ticket collection, moviegoers are advised to go to the cinema 30 minutes in advance and pick up tickets avoiding peaks of ticket collection.

Posters in Hongqiao Art Center flagship store of Tianshan Cinema

Compared with the cinema screenings that have been running for five days, the open-air screenings of this film festival, which focus on innovation and transformation, public welfare and benefit to the public as well as puts safety and epidemic prevention and control in the first place. Starting from tomorrow, seven business circles in Shanghai and more than 30 community screening sites in Pudong will begin open-air screenings, which create bridges of "reunion" one after another. According to the epidemic prevention standards, each screening site is equipped with disinfectant, dry hand sanitizer, alcohol cotton balls, non-contact temperature taking equipment, masks, disposable gloves and other epidemic prevention materials. The audience is required to enter the venue under their real names for both appointments and invitations.

Temperature taking, presenting application code, registering mobile phone numbers and information

According to their different topography, environment, and traffic, each screening site has also formulated its targeted measures, such as the Namatou Culture Plaza, one of the 36 community screening sites in Pudong, where medical staff and volunteers at the frontline of fighting the epidemic will be invited to the screenings, and the safe admission and viewing instructions for epidemic prevention will be broadcast repeatedly before the screening. From tomorrow to August 7, Xintiandi screening site sets up a large open-air tent that can cover 200 people. In addition to making full preparations for epidemic prevention and safety, it also made arrangements for cooling and heat prevention and prepared water fans and anti-mosquito spray at the site.

Epidemic prevention safety packages sent out at cinema entrances

The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival takes "reunion" as the theme of the official poster. As the first international film festival held since the continuous spread of the global epidemic and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in China, this film festival, which opens tomorrow, is expecting the public and filmmakers to participate. All parties are prepared to work hard to prioritize safety and allow the audience to feel at ease to “reunite” with films.

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