2020-07-20 15:28:46[UPDATES]

Discovering and Cultivating Young Creative Talents | Diverse Works Solicited for SIFF Explore

The SIFF Explore of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival will be held on July 28-29. Since the solicitation of works started on February 5, the SIFF Explore has received more than 1,000 entries covering feature film, documentary, animation, experimental film, etc., with works that focus on social hot spots accounting for a relatively high proportion. Currently, the selection of works for the SIFF Explore is in full swing. The organizing committee will invite creators of excellent works to Shanghai for intensive promotion and training, and encourage them to set foot in the film industry and scale new heights.

As the primary stage of the SIFF’s incubation system to cultivate new talents, and with short videos as the carrier, the SIFF Explore aims to stimulate diverse artistic talents to create videos, and discover and cultivate young creative talents through works, thereby providing more opportunities and possibilities for young people longing for the film industry to try and explore the future.

The solicitation of works for the SIFF Explore has received positive responses from video creators and film institutions at home and abroad. We hereby appreciate the official strategic partner Migu Video, the exclusive educational supporter Shanghai Vancouver Film School, new media platforms such as Yitiao, Ergeng and NOWNESS, and major professional institutions for their support.
We are eager to discover new talents and new works. See you eight days later.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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