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The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival Publishes Official Poster

Today, the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival published its official poster. The poster is themed with “reunion”, meaning that film fans will soon have a reunion with film on the screen.

The poster adopts bold and avant-garde tones to create a picture interweaved with a sense of future and technology. The rays emitted from the screen cut across the skyline of the city, and bring about the dawn, forming a huge screening room. In the visual center of the poster, a viewer with his back to the picture is staring at the distance. It seems that he is earnestly looking forward to the reunion with the film festival.

In the picture, the classic elements such as camera, light stand and clapperboard that symbolize the whole process of the film industry are disassembled and reframed, and then integrated with the skyline of the city, meaning that film as an art of collective creation is the crystallization of inspirations from life, emotions revealed, and collective wisdom of all creators. The cinephilia element blended in the poster is a salute to all those working behind the screen and indicates that Shanghai, the “Capital of Film”, is seeking dreams of the future and striving to scale new heights.

The poster was designed by Lu Yunfan, a young poster designer born after 1990.

Relevant link: Poster designer Lu Yunfan

Lu Yunfan, a native of Hubei, is a young poster designer born after 1990. He graduated from Communication University of China, Nanjing with a TV director major, and started his career as an independent film poster designer after designing the poster of the film Kaili Blues. He has designed art posters for multiple films including Long Day’s Journey into Night, Old Beast, Wrath of Silence, Tharlo, Still Tomorrow, etc.


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