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SIFF NEXT | SIFF NEXT 2020 Opens for Submission! Register Now!

 The SIFF NEXT 2020 will meet you again in Shanghai in June 2020. Starting from today, the session openly recruits trainees with experience in direction, production and screenwriting, among whom 20 will be selected to participate in the SIFF NEXT activities (Phase I) during the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) in June. Registration will close on March 31, 2020.

SIFF NEXT is an independent session for the incubation of new filmmakers launched in 2019 by SIFF. It focuses on the individual growth of trainees by introducing industry resources to support their subsequent projects, as well as their entry to the film industry. In this way, they can be greatly helped to complete their first and second feature films. As a platform for the interaction and cooperation between emerging film talents, SIFF NEXT warmly welcomes applicants with professional backgrounds as directors, producers and screenwriters to inspire more exchanges and mutual support between filmmakers of the same age and generation.
SIFF NEXT provides selected members with opportunities for continuous growth, incubation and mentorship. Running throughout the entire year, the program is divided into two phases. The 8-day SIFF NEXT Phase I will be held during the 23rd SIFF. Experienced industry practitioners will be invited to serve as mentors in industry fundamentals courses. Besides an exciting SIFF tour, trainees can also have face-to-face dialogues with domestic front-line film workers. In early October, the organizing committee will call for feature film projects and draft scripts from the finalists, and select about 6 projects to enter the Phase II. 1-2 projects will finally be selected to enter the SIFF Project of the following year directly.

2019 SIFF NEXT Phase II Finalists

In 2020, SIFF NEXT Phase I plans to recruit 20 young filmmakers with certain filmmaking experience across the Chinese-speaking region. If you meet any of the following conditions, apply now!
a Director: Having filmed two short films, or a feature film as director;
b Producer: Having acted as producer in at least two short films, or a feature film;
c Screenwriter: Having created at least two short films, or a feature film as scriptwriter;
PS: Applicants with a feature film project under development will be given priority.
Deadline for submission: March 31, 2020
The shortlist will be announced in mid to late May. For the submission regulations, please visit the SIFF official website: www.siff.com.

2019 SIFF NEXT Phase II Finalists with Mentors and Guests

2019 SIFF NEXT in Review

2019 SIFF NEXT Phase I: Opening Course by JIANG Wen

Phase I:
Twenty trainees stood out from the 405 applicants and were invited to the 22nd SIFF from June 15 to 22 for SIFF NEXT. The Phase I session was divided into two parts – Industry Fundamentals and SIFF Tour.
Industry Fundamentals consists of nine lessons, covering film direction, screenwriting, production, performance, sound, color modulation, legal consulting, etc. Mentorship was undertaken by JIANG Wen, DONG Runnian, LU Wei, LI Danfeng, CHEN Meiduan, WANG Yibing, HAO Lei, etc. Thanks to the partnership with industry organizations such as Tiangong, Mofei Pictures, Cornerstone Digital, and Watson & Band, the students also received professional guidance and consulting in related fields.
In the SIFF Tour, trainees were invited to an array of SIFF programs including SIFF Project, Asian New Talent Awards, Panorama and Golden Goblet MasterClass. This tailored visit to the only international non-specialized competitive film festival in China also presented a stepwise growth path at SIFF to the trainees.

2019 SIFF NEXT Phase I: Tour at Cornerstone Digital Shanghai Office

Phase II:
On December 17-19, seven shortlisted teams met again in Shanghai. Four instructors DONG Runnian, LU Yao, Jacky PANG, and Sonthar Gyal identified shortcomings in scripts and gave relevant suggestions after careful diagnosis, which inspired the students to make adjustment and revision for future development.
On the afternoon of December 19, guests from a number of companies based in Shanghai and many young filmmakers gathered together. Representatives of the seven shortlisted projects introduced their works to their predecessors and peers. After evaluation, USERNAME: CINDY and THE WRECK, won the places as finalists at the 23rd SIFF Project in 2020.

2019 SIFF NEXT Phase II: Mentor Roundtable

SIFF NEXT is a place that inspires brainstorming and incubates ideas. We look forward to new directors, screenwriters and producers meeting in Shanghai every year, outlining the portrait of filmmakers of the next generation.
SIFF NEXT, for the next generation of filmmakers and films.
For any questions about SIFF NEXT, please contact:

In addition, SIFF Project is also calling for entries. Submission for New Talent Project, SIFF Project, Co-production Project will end on March 15, 2020; and that for the WIP Project will reach its deadline on March 31.

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