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New Releases | THE FAREWELL Welcomes Public Release in China

On January 10, THE FAREWELL was shown in China’s cinemas. The film was specially screened at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) via its panorama program – The Belt and Road Film Week. Telling a story of a Chinese-born, U.S.-raised girl returning to her hometown, the movie has attracted a large audience and aroused a heated discussion about kinship.

Poster of THE Farewell

Based on a true family story, the movie takes place in a Chinese family in the United States, where their beloved grandma is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Opinions are divided among her overseas relatives, on whether or not to tell grandma her own conditions. In the end, they decide to conceal the truth and call together all the family members to see grandma for the last time in the name of a wedding.

Still from THE Farewell

This is the second feature film by the Chinese-born director Lulu WANG, based on the true story of her family, and was filmed in Changchun, where her grandmother lives. Wrapping a sad farewell in a comedy, the work also presents the collision between Eastern and Western mindsets.

Awkwafina at the Golden Globe Awards

The leading character Billi in THE FAREWELL is played by the Asian actress Awkwafina known for her performance in OCEAN'S EIGHT. In January 2020, Awkwafina was awarded the Best Actress Golden Globe in Musical/Comedy Film, the very first Asian actress to receive this award.

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