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SIFF PROJECT | 2014 SIFF Project THE CALMING Honored Art Cinema Award in Berlin

On February 29, 2020 (local time), the International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas announced that the Art Cinema Award at the Berlinale Forum goes to THE CALMING. According to the Jury: “The jury unanimously voted for THE CALMING, a perfectly accomplished film. The scenario is well constructed, the framing and the photography are perfect, the subject universal.” The film is directed by SONG Fang, starring QI Xi and produced by JIA Zhangke. The work was also shortlisted for the SIFF Project in 2014 as the Most Creative Project.

Still from THE CALMING (Qi Xi as the leading actress)

The film tells the story of how a feminist documentary director who breaks up with her boyfriend overcomes painful trials and returns to calm. To Director SONG Fang, the film is not about romance, but describes the process from hopeless to hopeful. When a person is burdened with irresolvable pain, he feels desperate and lonely. But if he wants to, it is still possible to reconstruct himself. The movie is co-presented by Huanxi Media, Fabula Picture, and Xstream Pictures.

Still from THE CALMING (Qi Xi as the leading actress)

THE CALMING is the second feature film directed by SONG. Her debut MEMORIES LOOKS AT ME is also a winner of several awards, such as the Golden Leopard – Best First Feature at the 15th Locarno International Film Festival and the Top Award in the international category of the 10th Brazil International Women's Film Festival. In 2014, SONG brought THE CALMING to SIFF Project and was honored Most Creative Project. After years of creation and revision, the film began shooting in 2018.

Director SONG Fang on the presentation stage of 17th SIFF Project

At the 17th SIFF Project, SONG delivered a calm and smooth presentation. The project moved the jury with its unique vibes. The then chairman of the jury HE Ping said: "I like this project. There are too many similar film topics now. For example, a lot of them are about romantic relationship. This project is different, as it’s more about healing. For modern people, healing is more important than love. The ability to find this perspective is important for a professional film director."

Director HH Ping honors THE CALMING for Most Creative Project

The 23rd SIFF Project will take place in Shanghai from June 14 to 16, 2020, and is now calling for entries. Submission channels of SIFF projects and work-in-progress projects will close on March 15 and March 31 respectively. Shortlisted projects will be invited to specialty activities at the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.
For details, please visit official website www.siff.com
Born in 2007, SIFF Project has been successfully held for 13 versions, witnessing 71 projects being made to movies. Not only has it become the incubator for good film works, but also the very place to discover Chinese talents. Now several programmes are gradually formed under SIFF Project, covering new talent projects, SIFF projects, work-in-progress projects and more. For projects of different stages, we help connecting various resources of incubation, financing, and promotion respectively.
Event Dates: June 14-16, 2020
Submission deadline for SIFF projects: March 22, 2020
Submission deadline for work-in-progress projects: March 30, 2020

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