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The way of film cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta is becoming more and more abundant. Yesterday, the Establishment of Shanghai High-end Cinema Technology R&D Training Base and the High-end Cinema Screening Technology Trend Forum were held at the Red Star Film World Super Store at Shanghai Wenshui Road. As the debut of the Yangtze River Delta Film Development Forum co-sponsored by the three provinces and one city, the forum has a lot of valuable information: The high-end cinema map was released, and the current difficulties and future direction of Chinese cinema technology were discussed.

High-end cinema map
The release of the high-end cinema map has received much attention

In order to further promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta film industry, give play to the advantages of the film industry in the provinces and cities, deepen the division and cooperation of labor, and form a more close film development community, the Yangtze River Delta Film Development Forum was born.

At today's event, Shanghai Film Bureau, Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, Red Star Macalline Film Group, Shanghai Film Technology Factory Co., Ltd. and other industry departments or business leaders came to the site to witness the establishment of High-End Cinema Technology R&D Training Base in Shanghai.

The first important cooperation after the establishment of the base is to announce that the Red Star Film World will apply the CINITY Cinema System of Huaxia Film to screen High-Tech format films which combines 4K, 3D, high frame rate, high dynamic range, and immersive sound, etc.. The application of this technology will remove the barrier of 120 frames high frame rate technology movies, bringing viewers a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.

Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, Red Star Macalline Film, Aurora Movie Group, and Er Dong Pictures joined to sign an equipment consulting service agreement on site. It is reported that the cooperation will effectively promote the overall cinema screening level and promote the high-end development of the film market.

The highlight of the event came from the first release of the high-end screening technology cinema map. In this map, viewers can easily find high-end screening technology cinemas along the 12 rail transit lines, making it easier to watch movies at home and around the company, and appreciate the charm of high-end cinema technology. It is reported that the release of the high-end cinema will be an important measure for the integrated film development of the Yangtze River Delta, providing direction guidance and assistance for the future development of high-end cinemas in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui.

In order to implement the national strategy, the high-quality development and integration of film industry in the Yangtze River Delta has become an important subject for the film industry in the Yangtze River Delta region this year. Ms. Peng Qizhi, Head of the Film Division of the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, pointed out in her speech that the three provinces and one city of the Yangtze River Delta are close in geography and people, economically integrated and culturally connected, which provides a solid foundation for integrated development. It can be seen obviously from the Shanghai International Film Festival that the film market has a strong appeal to the audience in the Yangtze River Delta region. Apart from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Anhui have purchased 23,680 tickets, which is the best manifestation of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta film industry.

If you fall behind, you need to catch up, it’s the most important to meet the needs of the audience

"The current film technology has fallen behind the development of television technology." Under the premise that many people think that movies are more "high-end" than TV, the words of Shen Rui, deputy general manager of Huaxia Union Cinema Chain, have aroused the resonance of many guests, and the release of high-end cinema map is exactly to prove Shanghai is highly concerned with the development of cinema technology.

The High-End Film Screening Technology Trend Forum invited famous director Zhang Jianya, Shen Yue of Shanghai Lianhe Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Shen Rui of Huaxia Union Cinema Chain and deputy director Zhu Jun of Shanghai Film Technology Factory Co., Ltd., to have a heated discussion on the improvement made by the ever-changing cinema technology to sensory enjoyment and the development trend of future screening technology.

At the forum, several guests recalled their experience of entering the industry and expressed their views on the past and current technological developments. They all agreed that the development of cinema technology is the development direction of the future movie. On the one hand, the TV technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the high-end technologies such as HDR are highly popular. In the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, NHK TV will even be the first trying to use 8K for signal transmission. In contrast, the development of the film industry in this area is somewhat left behind. 5G technology is about to be put into commercial use, and new Internet technology enables viewers to enjoy a good viewing experience without leaving home. In order to maintain the vitality of the film industry, it is necessary to encourage the audience to enter the cinema, therefore the high-end technology of the theater is indispensable.

On the other hand, the film market has been undergoing technological innovations in recent years, and the use of technologies such as 3D and IMAX has continuously increased the demand and standards of the audience. In addition to consumer content, they also need the consuming scenes and sense of ritual. In order to meet the needs of this kind, it is necessary to prepare the cinema from multiple aspects such as the terminal, layout and investment, and it is necessary to introduce high-end hardware and promotive technology.

Under the dual "pressure" of the TV industry and the audience, the cinema technology has shown a rapid development trend, and a new high-end cinema system is also being launched. For example, the CINITY cinema system of Huaxia Film has integrated many high-tech technologies. The system has been released for the first time in the first half of the year in the United States. It is even more precious that director Ang Lee participated as a consultant expert and contributed to the development of high-end technology for future cinemas.

Adhere to technological innovation, subversive changes is on the way
The first class cinema technology not only serves the audience, but also brings a lot of subversive changes to the film creator's shooting process. According to reports, the new work GEMINI KILLER of Ang Lee, which is expected to be released in October this year, has made greater progress in the application of high-end technology than the BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK two years ago. At the same time, the performance requirements for actors are constantly getting higher.

In the case of the integration of high frame rate and various techniques, the makeup and look of each creator will be enlarged on the screen. Therefore, it is especially important to control the details during the shooting process. Although the development of high-end cinema technology will bring some pressure to film creators, the high standards and high requirements for the crew and the creators can bring more technological innovations in film production, which is not a bad thing for the development of the film industry.

At present, Shanghai has taken the lead in the technical aspects of high-end cinemas and has played a very good leadership role in the entire industry. Previously, the cinemas were extensively expanded during the highly-expansion period, and lacked fineness, which made the audience's viewing experience greatly dropped. Around 2014, Shanghai carried out large-scale audio-visual inspection work. After nearly six years of rectification and testing, the Shanghai cinema technology has been greatly improved, and it has become one of the few cities with a large number of high-end technology applications.

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