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Focus on China- Iran Co-productions | Rooted in Eastern Culture, Seek Breakthroughs in Empathy

In recent years, the international popularity and influence of Iranian films have been increasing, and more and more Chinese filmmakers have also turned their eyes to this country, which also has ancient civilization and culture. This morning, the "Focus on Iran"- Dialogue between Iranian and Chinese Filmmakers was held at the International Co-production Film Market of Shanghai International Film Festival. Miao Xiaotian, the general manager of China Film Co-Production Corporation, Reza Mikarimi, president of Fajr International Film Festival and a director, Kamiyar Mosain, chief of International Relations of Fajr International Film Festival, director Jiang Haiyang, and producer Wang Yibing attended the activity. Miao Xiaotian revealed at the site that the agreement of Co-productions between China and Iran has entered the final text negotiation stage and is expected to be signed within this year.


The Scene of "Focus on Iran"- Dialogue between Iranian and Chinese Filmmakers

During the dialogue, Reza Mikarimi, president of Fajr International Film Festival and a director first introduced the development history and current situation of Iranian films. He said that both China and Iran belong to Asia and are multi-ethnic countries with many common cultural origins, which provides a broad space for the film cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Reza Mikarimi, president of Fajr International Film Festival and a director

Director Jiang Haiyang agrees with Reza Mikarimis' views. Iranian films, such as CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, THE TASTE OF CHERRY, A SEPARATION and some other representative films have gained many fans in China, and the reason is that they capture the emotional pulse of Chinese audiences. He said the social ecology and creative ecology of Iranian films have a lot in common with Chinese films, "Both of the countries have suffered, and our people have responded to that suffering with kindness, never giving up on their dreams, and that's probably where our people are very close to each other."

Director Jiang Haiyang

When it comes to the topic selection of the Co-productions between China and Iran, Jiang Haiyang said that realistic themes may be the most suitable entry point at present. He said, "For the audience, he lives a similar life every day, and he really wants to see how others live. The life of the Iranian people is new to the Chinese people, but it is also emotional, which provides an audience base for co-productions of realistic themes."

Wang Yibing, the producer of DYING TO SURVICE, believes that future the Co-productions between China and Iran must find a breakthrough in cultural connection, rather than simple element grafting. He said before DYING TO SURVICE, he never planned or designed a film about India, and he has never been there before. "But when we start to really get in touch with the story and the characters, the Indian element comes in. It's not that we deliberately set the story to be about India, it's that the story takes place there." He said that if there's an opportunity to find a story that happens to have elements of Iran in it, that's a real natural progression.  

Producer Wang Yibing

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