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Focus on Italy | Shanghai Film Fans, Please Accept This 20th Anniversary Gift Package


"Focus on Italy" screening press conference

"It has been 20 years, this is a really surprising and worth celebrating time". At the Shanghai International Film Festival "Focus on Italy" screening press conference held this afternoon, Rossola from the Italian Film Bureau said excitedly that since 1999, the Italian Film Bureau has established a cooperation with the Shanghai International Film Festival for 20 years. Every year, it delivers excellent Italian works to Shanghai. The Shanghai International Film Festival has always has a professional and unique eye for selection, which made her highly impressed and couldn't help to praising.

Rossola revealed that there were 21 Italian works on this year's film festival, among them 12 films including BANGLA and Il CAMPIONE would be screened in the "Focus on Italy" unit. Other works will meet the audience in other units such as the Golden Goblet Awards Competition Films and the "Belt and Road" Film Week.

Rossola, Italian Film Bureau representative

The film BANGLA will be premiered tonight as the opening film of the "Focus on Italy" unit. It is quite surprising that the director, the screenwriter, and the starring of the film, Phaim Bhuiyan, is a young man born after 1995, he revealed that the film was a "very romantic comedy", the protagonist lived in a multi-racial area in Rome, as a second-generation immigrant of Bangladeshi, his parents asked him to marry a Bangladeshi girl, but he fell in love with a passionate Italian girl, so he had to face the conflict between family and love. Bhuiyan, who showed his talents in film without reservation, was quite low-key in front of media. He said that he was very nervous about Shanghai audiences' comments after the premiere tonight, hoping to gain more recognition.

Phaim Bhuiyan, director, screenwriter, starring of the film BANGLA

Alessio Lapice, the actor who performed in the ROMULUS AND REMUS: THE FIRST KING said that the film was based on ancient Italian mythology and described the origins of the Roman Empire. The time background was about 753 BC. Although it was far from today, he believed that Shanghai's audience would also be attracted by the story of the film, he revealed that in order to truly restore the ancient Roman style, many scenes of the film were shot in old-growth forest, and the dialogue also used the ancient Latin.

Actor Alessio Lapice

Leonardo D'Agostini, the director of Il CAMPIONE said that his work was about the friendship between two men, there are many "Italian style jokes", the hero was a football star who is in his prime day, but acted recklessly, and had a lot of affairs, His company arranged a private teacher to help him regulate his own words and deeds. Through continuous interaction, the two turn from teacher-student into bosom friend, they both grew up a lot with each other. "This is a very warm film, not only about friendship, but also about the love between people."

Leonardo D'Agostini, director of Il CAMPIONE

However, NEVERMIND is of a relatively different subject. The film consists of five stories, and the plots are intricately woven together. It is full of the absurdity of magical realism. Director Eros Puglielli thought although these stories were a bit extreme, but they were all from the inspiration he got from real life.

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