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Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony | 5G+4K, Experience the Starlight Glimmer in an Immersive Manner

Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival will be held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre tonight (June 15th). This year's festival is starry and sparkling, and the total number of guests is nearly 500. In order to enable audiences to experience the warm atmosphere of "World Films, Chinese Home Field" from screen, the 4K Ultra HD Channel of China Media Group will conduct 5G+4K live broadcast for Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony, which will be the first case in China to use the most cutting-edge media technology to lively broadcast international large-scale cultural activities. China Mobile Migu Company will also cooperate with China Mobile Shanghai Company to synchronize 5G+4K Ultra HD live broadcast on Migu Video.

Group photo of guests on the scene of Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony 5G+4K Briefing

Sun Hao, 5G Technical Engineer of the Technical Management Center for China Media Group, revealed that the group has started the 5G+4K production and broadcast test since January of this year, and with the continuous maturity of technology, the current 5G network is stable, while the industry chain of 4K is also matured. The quality and performance of production and broadcast equipment have been greatly improved after upgrading and updating multiple versions. At present, the technical team of the group has realized full coverage of 5G on the scene of Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony, and all the images of 4K camera stands have been successfully transmitted back to the group via satellite. In addition, the group has also constructed an ultra-high-definition big screen on the second floor of Shanghai Film Art Center to broadcast the news and programs of film festival, becoming a unique scenery of the festival.

Red carpet construction and preparation site of the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival

Zhang Han, chief director of the Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony for Shanghai International Film Festival, revealed that even the stars' every pore can be seen clearly because of the ultra-high-definition signal and technology. In order to ensure the ultra-high-definition live broadcast, the technical specifications and quality requirements of the lighting, sound, stage design, makeup, etc. on this Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony are higher than ever.

Zheng Shihao, deputy general manager of China Mobile Shanghai Company South Branch, said: "The issuance of 5G commercial license marks the official arrival of 5G commercial era. And ultra-high-definition video will definitely be one of the first formal commercial fields of 5G. The three major features of 5G including ultra-high speed, super-large connection and ultra-low time delay will bring a qualitative leap to ultra-high-definition live broadcast. At the base of 5G, ultra-high-definition video will significantly enhance the visual effects in five aspects, such as high resolution, high frame rate, high dynamic range, wide color gamut and high color depth. It will present pictures with more sense of presence and fluency as well as more delicate color, bringing three major upgrades of clarity, fluency and fidelity to film fans."

Red carpet construction and preparation site of the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival

Technology Center of Shanghai Media Group has carefully prepared the entire rebroadcast, lighting, acoustic irradiation, large screen and other aspects to ensure that every detail can be implemented.

Tong Ying, deputy director of Shanghai International Film & TV Festival Center, revealed that on the evening of the ceremony, the judges of main competition unit, documentary unit and animation unit for Golden Goblet Awards will all be unveiled; The creator of main competition unit's films for Golden Goblet Awards will be present; The crew representatives of National Day tribute films like THE CLIMBERS, LIBERATION and BAI WAN XIONG SHI, the outstanding works like SHANGHAI FORTRESS, and WILD GOOSE LAKE produced by Shanghai, etc. will set foot on red carpet.

Red carpet construction and preparation site of the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival

Well-known actors such as Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Hu Ge, Tang Wei, Eddie Peng, Hsu Chi, Kwai Lun Mei, and famous directors and supervisors such as Dante Lam, Hark Tsui, Daniel Lee, Teng Huatao, and Diao Yinan will gather together on the ceremony. Old artists and representatives from Shanghai Film and other film studios across the country will also set foot on the red carpet to add glory to Golden Goblet and pay tribute to the filmmakers' persistent dreams.

In addition, 38 member representatives of the "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance from Shanghai Film Festival will attend the ceremony collectively; Representatives of world famous film festivals, such as Frémaux, the Art Director of the Cannes Film Festival, and other representatives of world filmmakers will also come to the opening ceremony; Representatives of exhibition films for Thailand Film Week and Japan Film Week, as well as crew representatives of premiere ceremony will also be unveiled.

It is reported that the Golden Goblet Red Carpet will be fully broadcasted on Movie Channel, Arts & Humanities Channel, East Movie Channel as well as Youku, Migu, Tencent and BesTV; The infield ceremony will be fully broadcast on China Media Group 4K Ultra HD Channel, the Group Variety Channel, Movie Channel, Dragon TV, Arts & Humanities, East Movie Channel and the aforementioned video websites.

At present, various tasks such as equipment installation and technical debugging are being carried out in an orderly and intense manner.

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