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Golden Goblet Awards Competition Films | SPRING TIDE: The Mother and Daughter Fight in the Film Whil

SPRING TIDE, one of three Chinese films shortlisted by the Golden Goblet Awards of this Film Festival was premiered in Shanghai on June 18. The film is another masterpiece of director Yang Lina and the main team for five-year painstaking efforts. Two prestigious excellent actresses of Hao Lei and Jin Yanling join in the film; behind the scenes production, the participation of the royal team used by Hou Hsiao-hsien, Jia Zhangke and other well-known directors, including Japanese producer Shozo Ichiyama, film editor Liao Qingsong, music instructor Yoshihiro Hanno and so on, which name in the hearts of fans is like a treasure, making people expect.


After the screening, the film producer Li Yaping, Shozo Ichiyama, director Yang Lina and the starring Hao Lei came to the stage, and had a brief exchange with the audience. SPRING TIDE tells the story of Guo Jianbo, a newspaper reporter played by Hao Lei, and Ji Minglan, a mother played by Jin Yanling, who lives together with her daughter Guo Wanting. Three generations have different personalities: Mother was outgoing, warm and loved, but she came home a different person; Guo Jianbo has a strong personality. While reporting social negative events, she also reveals her inner "Scars" bravely; while the young daughter Guo Wanting has learned each kind of survival rule of the adult world. It seems that they are peaceful, but full of contradictions among them. After a lot of casual friction and collision, a quiet "War" breaks out between three generations thoroughly.

SPRING TIDE starts with a female perspective, and depicts the kinship relationship between two pairs of mother and daughter and three generations of women accurately. Hao Lei said that the image of mother and daughter in this film corresponds to that sentence on the poster. She said, "Your relationship with your mother determines your relationship with the world" and "In many cases, the influence of family of origin will be with a person's whole life. For me, shooting this play is like a self-healing process, and it also gives me a new understanding of mother-daughter relationship." She commented that SPRING TIDE was "a movie you can watch with your mother" and urged everyone to reflect on their relationship with their mothers after watching it.

Actress Hao Lei

In the film, Hao Lei contributes a lot of improvisation, but most of the time, she follows every word that the director writes in the script, and presents the character's personality authentically. She said, "I love the long lines the director writes, even the precision symbols, so you can't pick anything out."

The acquaintance of Hao Lei and Jin Yanling, who acted as the mother, dates back to an award ceremony. Although the experience of that award did not make Hao Lei and Jin Yanling familiar, but contributed to the cooperation indirectly. She said, "When I presented the award, I decided she had to be the role of mother." Later I added 'Working with Jin Yanling' to my contract." Director Yang Lina added, "Today Jin Yanling called me and said she hoped Hao Lei could win the prize. Thus she will be very happy."

Director Yang Lina

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