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Golden Goblet Awards Competition Films | SHYRAKSHY: Saluting to Every Countryside Mobile Projectioni

The film SHYRAKSHY, which is a Kazakhstan's entry of Golden Goblet Awards, screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival today. Mokasanov, the film's leading actor, and other film makers attended the after-show meeting and exchanged views on topics of interest to the audience.
The story of SHYRAKSHY is a little like the Kazakh version of CINEMA PARADISO. The soldier that survives in the war returns home to discover family is broken up however, his alias of form alone is "Uncle Tarzan", carrying the film projector that brings back from the battlefield and walks into one remote village to undertake mobile show. The film tells the story of the film life of the grassroots people, and leads the audience to recall the extensive influence of film as an imported product on Kazakh society. It vividly records the ordinary life of Kazakh people in the 1970s.
The film's producer revealed that many of the characters in the film are guest-starring real country projectionists. He said, "They usually go around the village, showing films to the rural people, and they are movie heroes in the people's hearts." He added that there were only a handful of professional actors in the film, and most of them were amateur. He said, "We show not only the real Kazakh countryside, but also the real life, without too much embellishment."

Actor Mokasanov, who plays the leading role "Uncle Tarzan" in the film, had a legendary experience. According to introduction, he was a highly educated theater actor when he was young, but at the behest of his father, he had to give up acting and return home to the countryside. It wasn't until his father died that he returned to be an actor and engage in the career he loved. After the producer introduced Mokasanov's story, the site immediately sounded the audience warm applause, and everyone was moved by the real "Admiring Heart".

Mokasanov is a very modest actor, and although there's been some discussion on the Internet that he might be a strong contender for the best actor in this Golden Goblet Awards, Mokasanov describs with a delicate touch, "I'm just doing everything I can in the movie." In fact, Mokasanov paid hardships that ordinary people could hardly imagine for the film. There were two physically challenging scenes - bathing in the pouring rain and fighting sheep. Mokasanov revealed that the two scenes did make him "suffer a little bit", "after all, he is no longer a young man full of physical strength", but he still chose not to use a stand-in. He said, "Because the truth is the basis of the film".

The most "Funny Scene" in the film is the moment when "Uncle Tarzan" shows the famous film AN ANDALUSIAN DOG to the villagers. The simple villagers cannot accept the style of this kind of experimental film, and they show panic, rejection and even anger to the large-scale images in the film. In response, the producer revealed that the plot was set up to pay tribute to Bunuel, the master of cinema. He said, "I believe this film should be observed and learned by film school students in Kazakh, China and even around the world."

Although the film is full of comedy, the ending is a bit tragic. "Uncle Tarzan" is stabbed to death by a robber. His projection equipment was given to a young boy who had seen his films. On the deserted road, the boy carried the heavy projector on his tender shoulders and learned to walk around the countryside like "Uncle Tarzan", sending films to the villagers. The producer explained that the ending means: "People will die, but the pure love and passion of movies will not disappear, and the spirit of fans will be passed down from generation to generation."

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