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Dolby Vision Opens │ Hear the Sound of Snow Falling in the Beautiful Night

On the first panorama day of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, Dolby Laboratory and Shanghai International Film Festival invited domestic new prominent director Lu Yang, famous voice director Wang Gang and Ke Yongde, Dolby Laboratories Greater China content and industry cooperation director and famous film critics Wei Xidi to come together, and conduct a dialogue on "When Science Meets Art", and everyone discussed how film technology and film art can promote and integrate each other to tell the audience a better movie story.

Film critic Wei Xidi, director Lu Yang, voice director Wang Gang, Dolby Laboratories Greater China Content and Industry Cooperation Director Ke Yongde

Following the 2018 "Dolby Vision" screening unit debuted at the Shanghai International Film Festival and won unanimous praise from the audience. This year, the "Dolby Vision" unit of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival was included in the newly opened "SIFF New Vision" unit. Including seven blockbuster: BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD, THE GRANDMASTER, SCHIDLER'S LIST, ANNABELLE: CREATION, OVERLORD, PET SEMATARY, THE NUN, will be screened in Dolby cinema, bringing vivid and realistic Dolby Vision and stunning Dolby Atmos to the movie lover.

The director and screenwriter Lu Yang of the BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES film series shared his thoughts on making of the "Dolby Vision" unit exhibition film BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD. Lu Yang said: "The rich color and ultra-high contrast ratio provided by Dolby Vision help us to convey the original creative intent from the colors and levels, so that the audience can enjoy the vivid picture in Dolby Cinema. The information volume of Dolby Atmos is huge, it can not only strengthen the level and intensity of the story in the picture, but also help the audience to understand the space beyond the picture, let you be there, let you see more." Lu Yang also mentioned that there are many night scenes in the film. The photography director hoped that even the dark night scenes can produce rich levels, and Dolby Vision allowed them to do this.

The screenwriter Lu Yang shared his thoughts on the "Dolby Vision" unit exhibition film BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD.
The sound director of BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD Wang Gang said: "Dolby Atmos gives a larger creative space to the narrative of the film, which can perfectly present the director's creative intentions for each scene, bringing new viewing experience to the audience. Take the battlefield atmosphere in the movie as an example. The battlefield looks quiet, but you can hear the sound of the flame, the sound of the horse walking, the horse breathing, the soft wind, and even the sound of the snow, very delicate, make the audience feel like they are truly in the film."

Wang Gang, the sound director of BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD, shared his experience on site

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