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The 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival Opens Competition Unit "Golden Coconut Award"

The second Hainan Island International Film Festival will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province, from December 1 to 8 this year. On the morning of June 20, the organizing committee of Hainan Island International Film Festival held a press conference at Shanghai International Film Festival to introduce the basic structure and preparation of the second film festival.

According to introduction, the second Hainan Island International Film Festival is currently applying to the national authorities for the opening of the "Golden Coconut Award" competition unit, H! Action CFPC and H!Market film market. These three new contents, together with the film exhibition, form the four main sections of the film festival. In addition, the film festival will also plan a series of film activities, including outdoor beach screenings, industry depth forums, international conferences to promote the best shooting spots, and organize related film activities around the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

The "Golden Coconut Award" will be composed of professional filmmakers from home and abroad to form a jury, which will set up three categories of fiction feature films, fiction short films and documentary feature films, with a total of 10 awards to encourage the contributions made by all filmmakers both on and off the screen. H!Action CFPC will boost the industry and is the world's first CFPC for commercial typification of Chinese film projects. H!Market film market will integrate head resources and build market activities such as movie exhibitions, copyright transactions, IP promotion, industry forums, etc.

In the film screening section, the number of selected films has doubled compared to the first. Many professional Chinese and foreign filmmakers are acting as film selection consultants and will also strongly invite some films had been shown at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The Hainan Island International Film Festival will also create "Hainan characteristics" in a variety of exhibition forms, including outdoor beach screenings which can make audiences experience the audio-visual experience of "coconut wind, sea rhyme, sleep on the sand to listen to waves". This is also a combination of professional film festivals and activities benefiting the people, so that more audiences can feel the charm of the film.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. the second Hainan Island International Film Festival will hold a theme exhibition of "film museum -- 'all' originate from film". Looking back on 70 years of new China, it will hold a conceptual activity of "culture + tourism" in combination with the unique tourist environment of Hainan island to realize the interaction of cultural and tourism resources.

Peng Qizhi, director of the Film Department of the Propaganda Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, sent good wishes to the Hainan Island International Film Festival. He hoped that Shanghai International Film Festival and Hainan Island International Film Festival would have more cooperation and exchanges in film exhibition, film market, film activities and other sectors, and contribute to the development of Chinese films together.



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