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The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Opened! Ten Good Films Were Synchronously Released Onl

The annual Shanghai International Film Festival officially kicked off. This year, tickets also sold good. More than 200,000 film tickets were sold in 30 minutes. You could imagine the degree of popularity. It was hard to get a ticket!

It didn't matter if you could not get a ticket. You could watch the films released on the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival at home. Migu, as the official partner of the Shanghai International Film Festival, launched the online section of the Shanghai International Film Festival. Ten films were released online and cinemas simultaneously. Audience who failed to get tickets could watch the films on Migu Video app and Migu Movie app! Here is an online film list for you, and you are welcome~


The film is based on real events and has three separate chapters. It focuses on the violent wave of racism and the stories of a Ciambra, a deaf girl and a lawyer in difficulties. The script of the film is written by Hungarian director Árpád Bogdán and this film is also directed by him. This film is integrated with his painful childhood experience, and explores the causes of violence in the intricate interpersonal relationships in dark tones. Wonderful hand-held photography with unique editing techniques and smart sound design directly move the audience through the screen, and won three awards at the 2019 European film festivals.

Lady J

Madame de La Pommeraye is a wealthy widow who falls in love with the notorious libertine Le marquis des Arcis. However, after a few years of sweet life, she finds that the marquis has been tired of their marriage, which hurts her so much. Under the control of crazy love, she decided to unite Mademoiselle de Joncquières and her mother to retaliate against the marquis. She pretends that she no longer loves him, maintains a hypocritical friendship with him, and is privately prepared for revenge... Although LADY J is more serious than most of Mouret's films, it does not ponderous, and its pure and cautious classical style once again shows the director's delicacy, modesty and sympathy.


Ross and Alice are a pair of biological sisters, but they have completely different personalities. Ross is full of energy, open minded, and enjoys a free single life. And Alice observes all rules and regulations, conservative and responsible. She is proud of being able to control all aspects of life. The two disagree on many issues - except for one thing that happens recently at home. Their mother, Francois, was very depressed because her husband cheats on her and leaves her. In order to make their mother happy, the two decide to take their mother to the tropical island for vacation on her 60th birthday. The expected wonderful holiday turns to be out of control because Ross does something...

Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back

Do you know? A professional killer also has to take KPI appraisal just like you and me. What will you do if you are 65 years old and you can't kill people because you have presbyopia and your hand shakes uncontrollably, and you will be forced to retire?

Leslie, the hero of the film DEAD IN A WEEK: OR YOUR MONEY BACK, has figured it out - "help" those suicides! But what should you do if your client meets his true love and doesn't want to die any more after signing a contract with you? Come and find the answer in the film!

One of the highlights of the film is the wife of the retired killer played by Penelope O'Neal. With this grandmother, the dead-head and staid killer becomes adorable and endearing.

The famous Hungarian action comedy "A KIND OF AMERICA 3" is about Akos and Anders, the heroes of this film who are in a worse-than-ever situation because of the police chase and the besiegement of hostile mafia gangs. Under such background, they have to find a mysterious stamp worth millions of dollars, and their lives are once again threatened. As the story develops, more and more people joined the loot. Will these unlucky people succeed again?

And Then I Go

Rebellious Edwin, like his only friend Flake, falls into a state of self-anxiety and interpersonal relationship alienation. They are misunderstood by their families, and they are depressed in school every day. Their anger is brewing silently and in the end, the idea of revenge even scares themselves. The film is adapted from Jim Shepard's novel PROJECT X, which bravely examines the problems about youth growth such as friendship and sense of belonging in youth.
Another Day of Life

In the long world film history, the innovation of film forms is very rare. In this sense, this ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE is worthy of being written into the film history. It tells the both real and sham story and the hero's inner world in the form of animation, records the cruel reality in the form of real people. The interspersing of animation and real-life interviews, especially the isomorph superimposing of montage, attracts people immediately.

Of course, as an anti-war work, this film of course shows the cruelty of war. I hope that each of us can think from the bloody Angola civil war and cherish the hard-won peace.

In addition, THE FALCONS, an Icelandic family film directed by Bragi, and PARIS PIGALLE, a French classic comedy starred by Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche, are good films worthy of watching. If you want to know more about the film artistic method with the black humor style, OUTMASTERED/HERRLICHE ZEITEN will be a good choice.

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In addition, online section of Migu Video app and Migu Movie app also sincerely prepare the classic films released on previous Shanghai International Film Festivals for the fans, so the fans can watch the classics once again!

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