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Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival │ Stars Shining on Re

Tonight, the opening red carpet ceremony of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival and Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony were held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. This year, nearly 500 guests showed up on the red carpet. Domestic and foreign film artists, actors and film backstage staff, together with 38 member representatives of the "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance, showed up. The stars shined up and gained the red carpet the reputation of "Asia's Top Red Carpet", and the sparkling Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony once again presented the annually warm festive atmosphere of Shencheng (current Shanghai).

Stars Shining on "Asia's Top Red Carpet"

The opening red carpet ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival, known as "Asia's Top Red Carpet", ushered in nearly 500 red carpet guests this year, with starlight glimmer. The production team and actors of about 50 Chinese and foreign outstanding films including National Day tribute films THE CLIMBERS, LIBERATION and MILLIONS OF WARRIORS , outstanding works SHANGHAI FORTRESS and WILD GOOSE LAKE produced in Shanghai, Golden Goblet Awards finalist films VORTEX and SPRING TIDE, EMERGENCY RESCUE and THE WHISTLEBLOWER showed up on the red carpet, cooperated with each other for this great project.

Famous actors/actresses such as Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Hu Ge, Tang Wei, Eddie Peng, Hsu Chi, Kwai Lun Mei, and famous directors and supervisors such as Dante Lam, Tsui Hark, Daniel Lee, Teng Huatao, and Diao Yinan showed up on the red carpet. Bao Zhifang, Shi Xiaohua, Wu Zhennian, Lu Ping and other senior artists and representatives from Shanghai Film Co., Ltd. and other film studios across China made their debut, which was the highlight of the red carpet.

The 38 member representatives of the "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance from the Shanghai International Film Festival have formed a huge lineup and made a big debut. In addition, the international filmmaker delegation led by Thierry Fremaux, Art Director of the Cannes Film Festival, the filmmakers of "Japan Film Week" such as Ishii Yuya and Inoue Mao also added a rich color to the event tonight, showing the influence of the Shanghai International Film Festival.

At the end of the red carpet ceremony, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the Chairman of Golden Goblet Awards Jury, Nicolás Celis, Mexican producer, Aleksei German Ml., Russian director & scriptwriter, Chinese actor Wang Jingchun, Paolo Genovese, Italian director & scriptwriter, Rajkumar Hirani, Indian director & scriptwriter, Chinese actress Zhao Tao and other Golden Goblet Awards judges showed up together. The jury of the documentary unit headed by Russian director & scriptwriter Victor Kossakovsky, the jury of the cartoon unit headed by Irish director Tom Moore, and the jury of the Asian New Talent Award chaired by Chinese director Ning Hao all showed up on the red carpet.

Golden Goblet Awards Salute to Chinese Heroes

The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, as the only international film festival in China and a fist-class international A-class film festival in Asian, has already become a grand event for Chinese filmmakers and fans, attracting filmmakers from all over the world to gather in Shanghai every June. The Shanghai International Film Festival has witnessed China's solid footsteps marching towards a "big film country" and will make new contributions in China's journey to become a "film power". Tonight's Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony, supported by many parties, was 5G+4K direct broadcast, becoming China's first case of directly broadcasting international large-scale cultural activities with the most advanced media technology. The audience who watched the 5G+4K ultra HD direct broadcast left messages online, saying that they never expected so clear direct broadcast image and so smooth direct broadcast video, and that as if the stars on the stage stood right in front of them.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 70th anniversary of Shanghai's liberation. At the Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony, the Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Film Festival specially planned a tribute to Chinese heroes. The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe and the actors of the Shanghai Circus School used the inspiration from a classic film TO LIBERATE SHANGHAI in 1959 to present an acrobatic drama TO LIBERATE SHANGHAI, showing the bravery and fearlessness of the PLA soldiers in Shanghai liberation battle.

Subsequently, Wu Jing, the promotion ambassador of the festival, expressed his understanding and feelings about the film through a short video and said: "If the road for Chinese films is a climb, we prove with actions that we will stand on solid ground and never forget our original intention during the process of changing from a big film country to a film power. We keep on going. Climbing is not for conquest, climbing itself is meaningful." After the short video is played to the end, Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, Wang Jingchun, He Lin, Dylan Chen, Liu Xiaofeng, Choenyi Tsering, Lawang Lop and other actors starring the THE CLIMBERS (a great work that will be released on National Festive period) showed up on the stage as the Alliance of Climbers, and gave a speech on behalf of "superheroes" in Chinese films.

Zhang Ziyi said: "It has been 20 years since my first film. In these 20 years, I have personally experienced the flourishing development of Chinese films and grew up together with Chinese films. I believe THE CLIMBERS will be another new climb of Chinese films." Wu Jing said that he and other actors have experienced the hardships the mountaineering heroes once had at the Everest Base Camp. "They have proved the height of China by reaching in the world's highest peak with flesh and blood, which makes us unforgettable and admire them greatly." The film's producer Ren Zhonglun said: "The reason we work hard is to make a good film that shows the spirit of Chinese heroes and reflects the oriental narrative aesthetics."

It is surprising that Sang Zhu, one of the archetypal figures of THE CLIMBERS who reached the summit of Mount Everest from the North Slope in 1975, also came to the ceremony. The audience stood up immediately and gave him rapturous applause. The bravery spirit of the mountaineering warriors also represents Chinese filmmakers' spirit of keeping climbing. Only by creating honest and innovative masterpieces, is it worthy of dreams and worthy of the times.



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