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SIFF PROJECT | 2019 SIFF PROJECT Winners Announced

On June 18, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival · SIFF PROJECT, announced the winners, and the three-day SIFF PROJECT came to a successful conclusion.

SIFF PROJECT Negotiation Meeting Site

This year, SIFF PROJECT received 454 applications from 21 countries, and 36 projects stood out from them, of which 10 were shortlisted for the "New Talent Project", 6 were shortlisted for the "Work In Progress" and 4 were shortlisted for the "Co-production Project". These shortlisted projects have various types and themes, bringing together the industry's predecessors and many newcomers. In the past three days, these works have received enthusiastic response from the industry and 646 negotiation meetings have been completed.

Following the new "Work In Progress" established last year to launch a batch of the Chinese newcomers' works that have already been shot but are still in post-production, this year SIFF PROJECT has made the "Co-production Project" an independent sub-unit, aiming to make the co-production more difficult in the development process successfully found a preferred partner with the help of SIFF PROJECT.

In addition, SIFF PROJECT will further play the role of gathering high-quality industrial resources this year, increasing award settings and introducing more industrial resources. This year, a total of nine cooperative units have set up awards in SIFF PROJECT. They include not only famous film companies or director studios such as Tencent Pictures, Diqi Yinxiang, Emperor Motion Pictures, Wanda Pictures and Dirty Monkeys Studio, but also support funds in many fields such as shooting equipment, sound production and dimming and coloring supported by ARRI, Phenom Films, Mofei Pictures and etc., as well as training and education opportunities provided by Shanghai's cultural and educational integration key project "ShanghaiTech University - University of Southern California Producer Class".

The "New Talent Project" and "Work In Progress" public statement project party and the jury took a group photo

As an influential film project financing activity in Asia, over the past 13 years, SIFF PROJECT has witnessed 65 films into production. The event site played the latest progress of SIFF PROJECT in the past year: the 2010 shortlisted project The Poet (directed by Liu Hao) was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival; the 2016 shortlisted project Barbara Bredero won the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival's new generation unit "The Best Children's Film" Crystal Bear Award; the 2017 shortlisted project A Fool IN Love, Love Like A Fool (directed by Lan Zhenglong) won two nominations for the best actress and the best screenwriter in 2019 Taipei Film Festival; The WILD GRASS (directed by Xu Zhanxiong) won the "Most Creative Project" in 2017, has entered the post-production stage under the supervision of this year's judge, the director Chen Zhengdao; IF YOU ARE HAPPY (directed by Chen Xiaoming) which was shortlisted "Work In Progress" in 2018, successfully screened in Chinese New Style Unit in this year's Shanghai International Film Festival and will be officially released on June 28 this year.

All the shortlists project parties of 2019 SIFF PROJECT have their group photo

Today, according to the originality and creativity of the project, the jury awarded one "Best Young Director Project" of 10 projects "New Talent Project" and the winning project was CADILLAC . The jury believed that the prizewinner Wang Yiyu, as a young director, showed a novel and unique creative perspective and rich emotional appeal in the story of his debut novel CADILLAC. Taking the car purchase behavior of a family of four as the entry point, he showed various contradictions in contemporary urban life from small to large. In her public statements, she won unanimous recognition and praise from the jury with her novel story structure and clear narrative logic. In particular, the emotional expression from the perspective of female directors is simple, delicate and full of strength. The jury awarded one of the 6 projects "The Best Work In Progress" and the winning project was LOST. The jury commented that the story and audio-visual language are full of tension. In an allegorical narrative of ethical dilemma, the unique and generous view of life of Tibetan culture is conveyed. It is emotional and reasonable production control. After a comprehensive evaluation of the project's potential, the jury awarded one of the all shortlisted projects the honor of "Special Recommended Project by the Jury". The winning project was THE SOUL OF GOLD FISH . The jury gave a comment that the director tried to show the aesthetic feeling of dislocation between psychological space and real space with characters and time as the carrier, providing imagination space for the presentation of new film language and aesthetics. Finally, the jury selected one of the shortlisted projects of "SIFF PROJECT" and "Co-production Project" and awarded the award of "Most Creative Project", which was won by PEOPLE WANT TO BE GOOD . The jury believed that this is a very fascinating story, absurd but full of tension, with vivid characters and profound cultural background. It is a new attempt in the film language of a documentary master rooted in ethnic and anthropological fields. We are very looking forward to it.

All the winning project parties take photos with the jury

Winner List

Best young director project CADILLAC

The Best Work In Progress LOST

Special Recommended Project by the Jury THE SOUL OF GOLD FISH

Most Creative Project PEOPLE WANT TO BE GOOD

Wanda Elite + Plan Attention Project CADILLAC

Diqi Yinxiang Special Attention Project THE GIRL IN THE PLAYGROUND

Tencent Pictures New Film Plan Attention Project THE DUST FROM YESTERDAY 

Emperor Motion Pictures Special Attention Project A STRANGE LIFE

ARRI International Support Program Attention Project XINGFULI 99 

Phenom Films Special Attention Project DEEP IN THE HEART

Mofei Pictures New Voice Attention Project SOMETIMES LOVE MAKES ME A DANGEROUS PERSON 

Dirty Monkeys Studio 72 Changes Film Plan Special Attention Project SUMMER MIST

Shanghai Tech University - University of Southern California Producer Class Special Attention Project




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