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THE CLIMBERS | There Is a Peak in Everyone's Heart


Today, "The Moment of Summit" press conference for the film THE CLIMBERS was held during the Shanghai International Film Festival. At the conference site, the film producer Ren Zhonglun, supervisor Tsui Hark, scriptwriter and director Daniel Lee, scriptwriter A Lai, stars like Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge and other main creators, as well as the strongest "Alliance of Climbers" formed by the climbing heroes Sang Zhu and Xia Boyu jointly attended the conference. The film was produced by Shanghai Film Group and released by Shanghai Film Co., Ltd. The film will be released to the public nationwide on September 30th.

Tsui Hark

Everest Spirit is the Embodiment of Chinese Spirit

Based on real historical event, the film THE CLIMBERS told the story that Chinese mountaineering team sprinted to Mount Everest in 1960 and reached the peak from North Slope for the first time in world, completing the impossible mission. Fifteen years later, the team members Fang Wuzhou and Qu Songlin, with the help of a meteorologist Xu Ying, led young team members to challenge the top of the world again. What are in front of them will be harsher reality and the challenge of life and death.

The film producer Tsui Hark said from the industry perspective of film market that, the emergence of THE CLIMBERS was a new attempt of domestic commercial film, and said frankly that: "The film THE CLIMBERS is different from the blockbusters of the same type in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries, and it will emphasize the Chinese spirit in the film through the inheritance of Chinese culture and spirit." Daniel Lee, who once again cooperated with Tsui Hark, said: "This is the first time that such a subject has been shot in Chinese film, and it is also what Tsui Hark and I have always wanted to achieve. It is also the dream of my life to be able to shoot such a film. Meticulous preparations have been made for the film's preliminary preparation, and efforts have been intensified on costumes, makeup, props and scenes to restore the historic original appearance." The scriptwriter A Lai also said: "The story of the film is adapted from real historical facts. During the production process, a large number of historical pictures and documents of the Chinese mountaineering team have been collected to truly reproduce the historical legend in strict accordance with the historical records."

Zhang Ziyi

There Is a Peak in Everyone's Heart

The film THE CLIMBERS brought together the top talented actors in China. Wu Jing, who played the captain of the mountaineering team, said that he believed it was meaningful to shoot a film featured the theme of climbing Mount Everest when agreeing to play in the film. I have experienced mountaineering and experienced how the altitude sickness is like. It was impossible to reach the height of summit in reality, and it was very worthwhile to experience in the film.

Zhang Ziyi played a meteorologist in the film and she felt quite honored to participate in such a grand work as an actress. She said that many people might not be able to climb Mount Everest all their lives, but everyone should have a peak in their hearts, as their goal of continuous advancement.

Two Generations of "Climbers" Gathered Together on the Same Stage to Pass the Torch

Sang Zhu and Xia Boyu who climbed Mount Everest in 1975, were invited to site of activity and they revealed the background of Chinese mountaineering team climbing the Mount Everest in that year. Sang Zhu said frankly that: "The deed and spirit of Chinese mountaineering seniors who reached the peak of Mount Everest in 1960 gave us the determination and motivation to climb Mount Everest again in 1975, completing the mission of surveying the height of Mount Everest by Chinese ourselves." Xia Boyu said: "As one of the climbers who challenged Mount Everest in 1975, I regret that I failed to climb the peak and lost my legs, but my heart of climbing peak and my climbing spirit have never been extinguished, and I have insisted on training for climbing Mount Everest. And finally I reached the peak in 2018."

The actors of THE CLIMBERS expressed their respect for Chinese mountaineering heroes to the two predecessors, and admitted that the climbing spirit has been passed down to the present and has always inspired all the creators of the film: "The spirit of the climbers is the Chinese spirit. Climbing spirit will pass from generation to generation and last forever, and it will continue to affect everyone in the future."



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