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Entry of Golden Goblet Awards | THE GREAT SPIRIT: "Stinger" Skillfully Brought out the Theme Scri

A robbery accidentally made two margin men of society encounter, they overlooked the whole city on the rooftop, consoled each other, prepared to face the temptation of deadly chase and money at any time, and everything became no longer pure. The Italian film THE GREAT SPIRIT, which was shortlisted by the Golden Goblet Awards of this Film Festival, was screened today, impressing audiences with its black comedy style. In the post-show meeting, the film scriptwriter Angelo Pasquini told the story behind the film.

Post-show Meeting of Italian film THE GREAT SPIRIT

THE GREAT SPIRIT told the story of a robbery in Taranto, a southern city of Italy. As one of the muggers, Tonino cannot bear the humiliation of his companions, stole all the robbed treasures, and decided to escape. Tonino, who broke his legs accidentally, was to be captured alive by his accomplices, and then a mysterious person saved him, the person who lived alone in rooftop and called himself as "Black Deer", fantasized himself as an Indian. His biggest wish was to go the gathering place of Indians. Two margin men of society consoled each other in the rooftop hut. The film reflects the impetuous reality driven by money in today's Italian society and warns the world not to forget the truth and ethics hidden by the steel jungle and the desire for wealth.

Scriptwriter Angelo Pasquini believed that although the film had interludes of some comic plots, but this is a "very cruel" film. Both of the two protagonists were the marginal men of society but from two different worlds. Black Deer was a man who lived in his own fantasy, while Tonino was a small follower suffering from indignities, and only cared about money. At the end of the film, the kind-hearted Black Deer was shot to death in order to help Tonino escape, while Tonino took a lot of money to fly away, which made many audiences heartbroken and fully felt the "cruelty" that the scriptwriter said.

Scriptwriter Angelo Pasquini

Angelo Pasquini added, Black Deer was the soul of the film, he wanted to express that in the current society, people are with widespread sense of loss and helplessness. In order to find their own presence, a lot of people would imagine a special identity, such as Black Deer just imagined himself as an Indian who aspired to the pure land.

However, Angelo Pasquini still wanted to give the audiences a life of hope, so, at the end of the film, he designed a "Stinger", made the mother, i.e., the cleaner, who lived a hard life in the residential building, found part of the legacy of treasure in the dwelling place of Black Deer and finally she and her children lived a better life. "This is not just for the hope of the mother, also for the hope of the audiences, or to believe in goodness."

Scriptwriter Angelo Pasquini

According to Angelo Pasquini, the filming took only six weeks and took place in the southern Italian city Taranto. "It's a beautiful city with many ancient monuments built by the Greek. Unfortunately, Taranto has built many factories in recent years, and the billowing white smoke has polluted the city and ruined the lives of ordinary people." He said the factory's chimney appeared several times in the film to represent a "protest" by the creators.

It's worth mentioning that Angelo Pasquini had ever participated in Shanghai International Film Festival 13 years ago, at that time, he was also shortlisted for the Golden Goblet Awards for the film LA TERRA cooperating with Director Sergio Rubini of THE GREAT SPIRIT. Coming to Shanghai 13 years later, Angelo Pasquini said that he didn't expect to be awarded in the Golden Goblet Awards on Sunday. He just said he expected good luck. 

Cast Meeting of Italian film THE GREAT SPIRIT



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