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World Premiere of the WINTER OF THREE HAIRS (4K Restored Version) the Appeal of New China's First D

The film WINTER OF THREE HAIRS is a classic memory of generations. But you know what? It also has a special "identity"- the first public domestic film after the founding of the new China! Last night, the 4k restored version of the film, as the important film in the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival "Memory • Times Classic: A special film festival in the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China" was screened at lobby of the Shanghai Film Museum - although the outdoor screening was suddenly turned into an indoor screening due to the sudden arrival of plum rains, the audience remained enthusiastic. "I brought my granddaughter to watch it, wanting to let her experience the movie and the way we used to watch." Mr. Tong, a citizen, told me.

A stage photo from the WINTER OF THREE HAIRS

San Mao's appeal is not reduced at all

Although it rained and cooled down last night, the residents came to the Shanghai Film Museum in an endless stream. Mr. Tong said that he originally wanted to bring his granddaughter to enjoy the fun of outdoor screening, then later learned that it was a pity to move it indoors, but "it's still interesting. After all, the WINTER OF THREE HAIRS is so classic, and good things should be passed on from generation to generation".

WINTER OF THREE HAIRS is a comedy produced by Shanghai Kunlun Film Company . Directed by Zhao Ming and Yan Gong, written by Yang Hansheng and starring by Wang Longji. It was released in December 1949 and lasted 71 minutes. Based on the comic book of the same name created by Zhang Leping, the film shows the unfortunate fate of urban street children in the old society through the experiences of an orphan named San Mao in old Shanghai.

Zhang Weijun (left), Zhang Leping's son, also came for the screening

The image of San Mao is deeply rooted in the heart of the people, his snub nose, thin neck, a big head, and only three hairs on the head. There's also a story behind these looks - San Mao's snub nose is made of bubble gum, and the three hairs on his head are pasted onto the plaster with three pieces of copper wire covered with plush, and then pasted onto the bald head of young actor Wang Longji. Interestingly, in order to stick the three hairs, the makeup artist, Xin Hanwen had to cut Wang Longji's hair every day. As he wriggled back and forth, Xin Hanwen hit him on the head and said, "Don't move your head, little cheater." Wang Longji retorted, "You're an - old cheater." Then the old man and a young man had a serious quarrel. As a result, their quarrel situation was used in the film by the director, and it is the plot that San Mao brought street children to fight with a lady after ruining the banquet.

These behind-the-scenes stories of the film are still talked about by many fans. For example, Wang Longji likes reading the cartoon WINTER OF THREE HAIRS, in which San Mao drunk paste and had a stomachache, which impressed him so much that he refused to drink the paste despite knowing it was lotus root starch in the bucket during the paste - drinking scene. In order to dispel his concerns, the director drank it first, but Wang Longji only took a sip, not like very hungry. And then, he was not allowed to eat lunch that day. In the afternoon, he was allowed to find food in the studio. It was made into the shot of San Mao holding the paste bucket to drink quickly.

And last night's show, when the classic plots appeared, can still impress the audience. Some children cried and laughed as they watched.

Classic Old Film Continues to Release the Continuation of Feelings

70 years later, Wang Longji, the actor of San Mao in those days is the old man now, and he did not always in show business, but became technology expert. He had published nearly 100 articles in many newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, and won the ECWC9 excellent paper award in Germany and has served as the vice chairman and secretary - general of China Printed Circuit Association.

The First Public Poster of WINTER OF THREE HAIRS

Time makes sob, and also has impressive power. Shanghai International Film Festival fully understands the significance of the accumulation of years, and has been committed to 4K restoration of classic films. The Shanghai International Film Festival special set of "the 70 anniversary of the founding of New China" theme unit, on the one hand, capturing many high quality movies to show rapid development of the founding of New China 70 years; on the other hand, preparing the restored versions of works which have never been seen in public for fans. The appearance of the 4K restored version of the film WINTER OF THREE HAIRS in the list was called "an unexpected surprise" by many fans.

Indeed, in addition to the meaning of the content itself, this film, as the first domestic film released after the founding of the People's Republic of China, also has its historical significance. The end of the WINTER OF THREE HAIRS was the eve of the liberation of Shanghai, the social situation was not stable, the film crew decided to stop, save all the film, all the staff scattered hidden ready to meet the liberation. In May 1949 after the liberation of Shanghai, WINTER OF THREE HAIRS resumed filming, in order to express the joy of celebrating the liberation, the crew made up the ending of San Mao took part in the liberation parade. Finally, the film was released in December 1949. As the first domestic film released after the founding of the People's Republic of China, this film is an example of the perfect combination of times and art. It is an unprecedented film spanning two times in the history of Chinese cinema. The film has very high artistic quality. San Mao's modeling retains the cartoon style, creates the hypothetical situation, and enhances the viewing effect of the film. It is well-known and is welcomed by the vast audience.

Since the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2013, restored versions of 4K films had been met with fans successively. Alongside classic old movies back onto the big screen with the best attitude, the 4K restored version of WINTER OF THREE HAIRS in Shanghai International Film Festival screening, both had brought the broad masses of fans different touch and experience, also paid tribute to all the film artists who have contributed to the Shanghai film industry and paid tribute to the glorious 70 years of the People's Republic of China.

It is learned that after its world premiere in the theme section of "the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China" at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the film will be released during National Day in 2019.



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