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Please Come to Market Screening and Buyer Salon!

The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival will be officially opened tomorrow. This year's film festival will set up a market screening and buyer salon for the first time. 7 international films will be showed to market buyers. Chinese and foreign film buyers, producers and directors will be invited to meet in a relaxed small forum so they can freely communicate and share their insights on the topic of "the judgment factors for buying a film". The activity is open to all film festival ticket holders, and everyone is welcome to attend the market screening and buyer salon.

Time for market screening: June 16-18, 2019
Address: Event Hall 3 (Northwest wing of Central Hall), Shanghai Exhibition Center

Buyer salon for film market 
Judgment factors for buying a film 

Time: June 18, 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Address: Event Hall 3 (Northwest wing of Central Hall), Shanghai Exhibition Center

[Guests of the Forum]

Gongming Cai | President of Road Pictures
Clement Magar | Fortissimo Films
Clement Magar | General Manager of Fortissimo Films
Eva Diederix | Wild Bunch
Eva Diederix | Director of International Sales Department, Wild Bunch
Yihua Li | General Manager of Beijing Chuangwai Nianhua Film & Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Xiaonan Wang | Film Selector, National Artistic Film Projection Alliance
More Chinese and foreign film buyers and producers will come!

[Discussion topics]

What is the reason for buying a film? What are the criteria for deciding to buy a film?
How to introduce a film into the Chinese market?
How to promote Chinese films overseas?
What are the difficulties in the introduction of overseas films into China?
Chinese buyers’ confusion in the process of introducing foreign films; misunderstandings and obstacles in the process of overseas promotion and distribution of Chinese films;
What are the peers doing? How do they do it?

List of films for market screening

- Call for Dreams -
Israel / Japan | 81 min | Fantasy | Director: Ran Slavin
* June 16, 2019, 10:00 am

A girl named Eko in Tokyo published a “Call for Dreams” on the newspaper and left an automatic answering machine number. Riding a scooter, she began to visit strangers who left messages. She listened to their mysterious dreams and gave a certain return. However, the dream gradually penetrated into reality; in a downpour of Tokyo, Eko found herself and an Israeli police detective were involved in a murder in Tel Aviv.

- Between Two Seas -
Egypt | 86 min | Drama / Family | Director: Anasa Tolba
* June 16, 2019, 12:00 at noon

Zahra's daughter suffered an unfortunate accident and Zahra was busy getting around for defending her daughter's right to receive education. And she did this not only to protect her daughter, but also all people who have similar experience with her daughter. The film reflects the social reality faced by women in rural area of Egypt.

- The Sun Above Me Never Sets -
Russia | 108 min | Comedy | Director: Luibov Borisova
* June 16, 2019, 2:00 pm
Shortlisted in "the Belt and Road" film week 

A young man named Altan in urban area at the Internet era was sent to the desert island to guard the fox, and the old Baibar was his only neighbor. The old man knew he would pass away soon, so he asked Altan to bury him next to his wife. Altan then found Baibar had a daughter missing for many years and he decided to help him to find her daughter through social media. Every day, Artan tried his best to let the old people have a good time.

- Bille -
Latvia/Lithuania/Czech Republic | 104 min | Drama/History | Director: Inara Kolmane
*June 17, 2019, 12:30 pm
Shortlisted in "the Belt and Road" film week 

The film is adapted from the autobiographical novel of the same name written by the Latvian poetess and writer Vizma Belsevica, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. A smart young girl named Bille was born in a poor family and not valued by her mother. She found a dream paradise in the world of imagination. The film is based on children's perspective, and the image is full of pure poetry and beauty.

- My Foolish Heart -
Netherlands | 83 min | Music / Biography | Director: Rolf van Eijk
* June 17, 2019, 2:30 pm
A film screened on Shanghai International Film Festival

The story of this film took place in Amsterdam in 1988. Detective Lucas was assigned to investigate the mysterious death of music legend Chet Baker. During the investigation, Lucas found himself had to face the shadows and demons in his heart.

- Shindisi -
Georgia | 105 min | War | Director: Dito Tsintsadze
* June 18, 2019, 10:00 am
Another film of this director INHALE-EXHALE
A finalist at the Golden Goblet Main Competition of the Shanghai International Film Festival

The film is based on a true story which happened during 2008 Russian-Georgian war. In the village of Shindisi occupied by the Russian army, most of the local villagers chose to flee. Only Badri and Wazza chose to stay for their own reasons. When Russia and Georgia reached a ceasefire agreement, the Georgian army could have safely retreated according to the agreement. However, Russia violated the agreement and ambushed the Georgian army near the village of Shindisi. Badri and Wazza decided to protect the injured Georgian soldiers, even at the expense of their own lives.

- Concerto for Two -
Poland | Documentary | 74min | Director: Tomek Drozdowicz

This film records the artistic life and daily life of the Polish conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk. It depicts his superb commanding skills and his deep affection and tacit understanding with his wife.

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