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Film & Television Linkage in the Yangtze River Delta │ Output "Shanghai Service" and Be "Backup F

In order to actively implement the national strategy for integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and promote the collaboration and interactive development of film & television shooting services in Yangtze River Delta region, the major film & television shooting bases in Yangtze River Delta region have initiated the establishment of a "Film & Television Shooting Base Cooperation of Yangtze River Delta" mechanism and formed close cooperative relationship. This morning, the launching ceremony of Film & Television Shooting Base Cooperation of Yangtze River Delta was held at Shanghai Exhibition Center.
At the launching ceremony, Zhiqing Yu, the secretary general of Shanghai Broadcasting, Film & Television Producers Association and the head of Shanghai Film & Television Production Service, launched four major initiatives on behalf of Film & Television Shooting Base in Yangtze River Delta: I. Jointly establish and improve the film & television shooting service system in Yangtze River Delta, forming an integrated linkage mechanism of consultation, coordination and service for film & television shooting in Yangtze River Delta; II. Jointly compile the Guidelines for Film & Television Shooting in Yangtze River Delta, introducing the film & television shooting policies, resources and related services of Yangtze River Delta region; III. Jointly participate in the important film & television exhibitions such as Shanghai International Film & Television Festival and Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo, promoting the Yangtze River Delta film & television development policy and the industry and film & television shooting service environment; IV. Jointly establish the Yangtze River Delta film & television shooting database, laying the foundation for the film & television crews who take pictures and shoot in Yangtze River Delta to solve problems, and for the provision of follow-up consultation, coordination and tracking services.
The Yangtze River Delta region has abundant film & television shooting base resources, and Shanghai Film & Television Production Service has provided free consultation and coordination services to the crews, which have formed a full set of standardization system and the experience of "Shanghai Service" can be shared in Yangtze River Delta. He recalled that when the LOST IN HONGKONG of "Lost" series directed by Zheng Xu was photographed in Shanghai residents' homes, neighbors refused the entry of crew resolutely on the grounds of disturbing residents. He then accompanied the staff of the crew and waited at the downstairs of the residents for one day, but the gifting fruit was thrown out directly. Zhiqing Yu, who did not give up, contacted the subdistrict office and asked them to help coordinate together. Finally, they got the understanding of the residents and obtained the permission of shooting.
Over the years, as long as the crew encountered problems during shooting, the crew could communicate through the service organization which would further coordinate and meet the demands of all parties, and provide intermediary services in a completely free manner. This not only tapped the existing shooting resources in Shanghai, but also greatly improved the work efficiency of the crew. Therefore, Zhiqing Yu was also called as one of the busiest "Backup Force" in Shanghai Beach by people of the industry.
For the benefit of coordinating the integration of film & television shooting in Yangtze River Delta, Zhiqing Yu said that, the cost of filming in Shanghai was actually very high, while the crew could also have access to the services of shooting in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui after the "Integration", and it also helped give full play to the geographical, cultural, tourism resource advantages of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shanghai.
It is reported that the film & television bases participating in the initiatives include Shanghai Film Shooting Base, Shanghai Shengqiang Film and Television Base, Wuxi National Digital Film Industry Park, Xiangshan Movie & TV Town, Heng Dian World Studios, Chuzhou Movie Town, and other influential bases in Yangtze River Delta region.

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