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“Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019” Launched in Tokyo, Unveiling the New Look of Chinese Film Develop

Yesterday, the second “Chinese-Japanese Film Festival” entered the second phase - the "Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019". From March 6th to 10th, LOST, FOUND, PEGESUS, ALA CHANGSO, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, THE ISLAND and PATROLMAN BAOYIN altogether 6 films will meet the audiences in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Yesterday afternoon, the opening ceremony of “Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019” was held at the Kadokawa Cinema in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan. Chinese Ambassador to Japan CHENG Yonghua, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yasutoshi Nishimura, Commissioner of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan Ryohei Miyata, Deputy Director of Shanghai International Film Festival Center WANG Ye, and some filmmakers and guests delivered speeches on the stage.

"Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019" was jointly organized by Shanghai International Film Festival Center and UNIJAPAN, Japan Foundation and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan to strengthen cultural exchanges between China and Japan. Since 2015, Shanghai International Film Festival has reached a series of cooperation programs with Tokyo International Film Festival. Among them, the “Shanghai-Tokyo Express”, as the first one, established mechanisms of mutual film recommendation, filmmaker participation and film promotion, jointly promoting the emerging force of film creation in Asia; the "Chinese-Japanese Film Festival" extends the cooperation and exchange of the two film festivals beyond themselves, allowing the audiences in two countries to share their achievements.

Commissioner of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Ryohei Miyata noted in his speech that he is more than pleased to see the newest Chinese films screened in Japan, and the "Chinese-Japanese Film Festival" is a channel to promote the exchange of film culture between the two countries.

Commissioner of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Ryohei Miyata

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yasutoshi Nishimura believes that film is way to strengthen exchanges between Japan and China. "I like films very much and will watch nearly 100 works every year. This time there are 6 Chinese films screened in Japan, and I’m quite interested in some among them. I hope, the holding of "Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019" will deepen the mutual understanding between the peoples in two countries. "

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yasutoshi Nishimura

In his speech, CHENG Yonghua, Chinese ambassador to Japan, pointed out that China and Japan are now ranked second and third in the world film market with our mutual cooperation getting closer and closer, and film is an important cultural exchange bridge between the Chinese and Japanese peoples. The "Chinese Film Festival, Film 2019" is timely event. He said: "In May 2018, the Chinese and Japanese governments signed a co-production agreement for Chinese and Japanese films. The 'Chinese-Japanese Film Festival' held in 2018 opened a new window for our mutual cooperation. The 6 Chinese films to be staged are quite refined and will enable different Japanese audiences to enjoy themselves. I expect that the two sides will further deepen cooperation to forge a brand and make greater contributions to the development of Chinese-Japanese relations."

Chinese ambassador to Japan CHENG Yonghua

At the opening ceremony, WANG Ye, deputy director of Shanghai International Film Festival Center, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer - Shanghai International Film Festival. She said: "Since 2017, we have joined hands with the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Japan Foundation to jointly organize the 'Chinese-Japanese Film Festival' and put all our efforts in promoting the exchange of new filmmakers and new works between the two countries. I believe that Japanese audiences can better understand the current lifestyle and ideals of the Chinese through these films. I hope that our perseverance will bring a new vision for the co-production of Chinese and Japanese films, to drive closer cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Japanese people."

Deputy Director of Shanghai International Film Festival Center WANG Ye

The opening ceremony was crowded with Japanese fans who came to watch LOST, FOUND. And the audience's emotions followed the plots and the fate of the characters during the screening, with some even silently shedding tears. And the screening received warm applauses at the end. Then when MA Yili, starring actress in LOST, FOUND and THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, appeared, the post-screening meeting event climaxed. And MA Yili, with a sedate and able air, said hello to the Japanese audiences: "I hope LOST, FOUND have brought you enjoyment, and all of you have spent a worthy afternoon."

At the post-screening meeting event, the Japanese fans and MA Yili interacted in an enthusiastic atmosphere. Some fans have asked: "Why do you, being so attractive, act Nanny SUN Fang in LOST, FOUND?" MA said: "When I read the script for the first time, I was interested in the role of SUN Fang, which is a character almost unknown in my life. Now, my age and experience have allowed me to focus my energy and attention on women who are very different from me." But she also unbosomed her feeling to the Japanese fans: "To tell the truth, it’s very hard to get close to the heart of this character, and it is equally hard to restore my true self."

MA Yili believes that China is now in urgent needs of women themed films. "This era has witness the increase of women's needs in various aspects. I am very willing to make my contributions to Chinese women themed films." And for another film THE ROAD NOT TAKEN played by her, she said that the story is quite philosophical and tells about the choices in life. She was very happy that the two films she starred in had the chance to meet with the Japanese audiences. "I hope everyone can enjoy the films and the wonderful film time."

The director of ALA CHANGSO Sonthar Gyal, and the producer of PATROLMAN BAOYIN Huhe Bateer and its cameraman Katsumi Yanagijima also attended the opening ceremony and introduced their works to the audiences.



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