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     The century-old film culture and film industry has wrought a rich film and cultural foundation for the city of Shanghai. In 1993, the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was born in the tide of reform and opening up. In 1994, it was recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations as the first and only international non-specialized competitive film festival in China. 

     In its 21-session history, Shanghai International Film Festival has been witnessed the development ups and downs of Chinese film, experienced the twists and turns of the journey of growth, and also harvested the joy of success, winning, with firm steps and unremitting efforts, the trust of Chinese and foreign filmmakers and film institutions. A simple group of numbers will clearly show its growth: in the first Shanghai International Film Festival held in 1993, a total of 167 films from 33 countries and regions were registered; in 2018, the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival attracted 3,447 films from 108 countries and regions to participate in the competition. This also shows that in addition to expanding the festival scale, the Shanghai International Film Festival has brought its brand professionalism, internationality and influence to a new height. The holding of every SIFF has vigorously driven the development of China's film cause and industry, as well as the improvement of the Shanghai's core competitiveness and cultural soft power, while continuously meeting the cultural needs of the people who love films. It is the film festival that has called forth a better city life and a livelier city.

     Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival will be held in June 2019. At the new start of the new era, Shanghai International Film Festival will converge, present and support fine film works at home and abroad with a more open attitude to enrich the brand of “Shanghai Culture” and promote China to grow from a large film country to a film power.

     Let’s gather together at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival to witness the glamour of film art!



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