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The 2019 “Love with No Hesitation” SIFF Project for Documentary Kicks Off

The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will take place from June 15 to 24, with the registration of SIFF project for documentary opened for global Chinese documentary directors now.

2019 “Love with No Hesitation” SIFF Project for Documentary Submission Rules
The 22nd SIFF project for documentary is open to global Chinese documentary directors for project submission from now on. The event is specially sponsored by Chlitina Group which offers up to RMB 1 million to support the shooting and producing of the 3 winning projects. The finished works will then premiere during Shanghai International Film Festival and be promoted by the SIFF official platforms.
Submission Dates:
Now – April 30, 2019
1. Shooting requirements and themes: The film should not be a corporate promotional film, and there is no limit concerning content. Chinese director's works; realistic subjects; documentary styles; interpretation of respect for individual life; brave seeking of ideals and deep reflection and action on the destiny of human society; pursuit of great love and truth with no hesitation; and ideological value and artistic innovation.
2. Documentary film with cinema screening potential (over 70 minutes).
3. The creation outline has been completed and the project cost budget has been determined.
4. Professional HD or above video recording system and post composition system, and independent recording for key interviews and main scenes.
5. Finished works couldn’t be submitted. Projects not participating in other financing venture platforms will be preferred.
Submission Method:
1. VisitSIFF Project for Documentary on the official website of Shanghai International Film Festival (www.siff.com) and download the submission form as required. After filling out the form, please send relevant materials to doc@siff.com, and the submission process could be deemed as finished only when a confirmation email is received.
2. The applicant must be the copyright holder or the representative of the copyright holder of the submitted project.
3. Ensure that the contact information is true and valid.
4. There is no charge for project submission.
5.  All registration related documents and materials are only for the SIFF selection purpose, which will not be returned.
6.  Information on works that fail to enter will be kept confidential.
Submission materials:
1. Team Qualification: Introduction of the leader of the submitted project and the team's works, and the production company’s profile (within 200 words each).
2. Submission introduction: theme (within 50 words/ 1 sentence); shooting outline (within 1000 words) and director's explanation (500 words).
3. Shooting plan (pre-shooting, post-production), cost budget table.
1. The SIFF Project’s entry list will shortlist 10 submissions. Each will receive a reward of RMB 5,000, and enter the project session of face-to-face presentation before the judges.
2. Based on the quality of the finalists, three winning projects will be selected and financed RMB 150,000 to 300,000 during production according to project quality.
3. The winning projects will be premiered at Shanghai International Film Festival and fully supported by the official promotion platforms.
Return and Benefits:
1. Shanghai International Film Festival, as the platform provider, enjoys the premiere rights during the festival and the film title acknowledgements.
2. As the funding party, Chlitina Group enjoys the film’s signature right, publicity right, and offline public-good screenings for corporate branding.
3. Chlitina Group accounts for 1% of the film's copyright and reserves the right to make additional investments.
4. The award-winning projects’ images, text information, and shooting progresses will be presented in the SIFF’s and Chlitina Group’s handbooks, official websites, and online and offline media promotions.
1. The SIFF Organizing Committee will announce the finalists on the official website in mid-June and notify by phone or email. Please ensure the contact information is valid and accurate. If there are any changes, please be sure to inform the organizing committee in advance.
2. At least one project representative should promise to attend the SIFF Project presentation session held in Shanghai in early May and the awarding ceremony during the film festival in June. If not, the entry qualification of the project will be automatically revoked.
* Anyone who signs up for the SIFF Project is considered to have acknowledged and accepted this general rule. The Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of the above terms.
Contact us:
Shanghai International Film Festival

20th Floor, Yihai Building, No. 211 Kangding Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China,200041
Please visit www.siff.com for details and the submission form.
The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival’s Golden Goblet Awards for documentary and the 25th Shanghai TV Festival’s Magnolia Awards for documentary are still calling for submission ~ Visit www.siff.com and www.stvf.com for details.



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