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The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Releases Official Poster-Creative Heroes Behind the Sc

The Official Poster of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival 

Cinema depicts all the vibes of human kind, while screen encompasses all in the world. But the glory of film is not only about the grandeur on the red carpet, but also about the selfless efforts and devotion of filmmakers behind the scenes. And it is the very latter that has made possible the audio-visual shocks in theaters and the spiritual satisfaction for the audience. Under the guidance of State Film Administration, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, held by China Media Group and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, today releases its official poster “Creative Heroes Behind the Scenes”, which implies that it will inherit the classics, pay tribute to behind-the-scenes endeavor, seek after the future dreams, and inspire the wide filmmakers to bear the original aspiration, keep true to their hearts, carry on the craftsmanship, devote to creation for the people and contribute to China’s transformation from a large film country to a film power.

As the only competitive feature film festival in China recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Association (FIAPF), since its birth in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) has been dedicated to inviting Chinese and foreign filmmakers to jointly build a bridge between Chinese films and the world. The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival commissioned the famous poster designer HUANG Hai to create a poster with the theme of “Creative Heroes Behind the Scenes”, whose inspiration mainly comes from the film HAVOC IN HEAVEN by Shanghai Animation Film Studios.

This top Chinese film, released in the 1960s, greatly enriched the audience's aesthetic imagination and influenced the creation of countless filmmakers across the world. For this work, the collective wisdom is all that matters, and there is no difference between the front and the back of the stage. SUN Wukong, symbolizing the spiritual totem of the Chinese nation, is the incarnation of bravery, loyalty, and ambition, which has such an overwhelming power as the conviction held by thousands of Chinese filmmakers in the wave of Chinese film development and transformation. The vivid image of SUN Wukong has also become a typical symbol of the Chinese culture that is recognized globally. The design idea of this official poster is to display traditional Chinese cultural elements to the world in the contemporary art language through the specific connotation of SUN Wukong's image.

Shanghai Animation Film Studios has offer great support by image authorization. And designer HUANG Hai has fully demonstrated the power of creativity in the reinterpretation of SUN Wukong's image. The color of the poster, designed to be close to the original film, is to restore the same visual effect. The unveiling waterfall curtain, appearing in another form of the classic scene in the film, also symbolizes the film festival to be inaugurated. The word "22" ingenuously brings forth the era sense in the main image. The "Monkey King", from the stage to the back of the scene, with his wise and playful eyes on the audiences watching the stage, is expecting the surprises by the film creators. The picture featuring vivid colors and lifesome image is thought provoking, which perfectly conveys the theme of this film festival’s poster “Creative Heroes Behind the Scenes” - - the real glamour of films lies in collective wisdom and devotion, while paying tribute to the behind-the-scenes filmmakers.

The theme “Creative Heroes Behind the Scenes” also integrates SIFF’s positioning of “Based in Asia, Focusing on Chinese and Supporting New Generation”, and the direction of building China into a film power by encouraging contents, respecting the behind-the-scenes work, and promoting new talents. Inspired by the design of the poster of the film festival based on the image of SUN Wukong, HUANG Hai hopes that more young filmmakers will watch HAVOC IN HEAVEN, as the craftsmanship in the behind-the-scenes workers of this film is the heritage to be carried forward and innovated with courage by all Chinese filmmakers.

Let’s look forward the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, under the guidance of State Film Administration and held by China Media Group and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to bringing us surprise in this June!

Work Description

Everyone admires SUN Wukong. This invented character is just like a countersign; as long as you talk about the Monkey King, there will be no strangers and everyone will feel close to each other, regardless region or nationality. I am thrilled yet nervous with the chance to design a “HAVOC IN HEAVEN inspired SIFF poster with approval, for on one hand, Mr. WAN Laiming's works are too refined for further creation, on the other, SIFF, as a top event, is of far-reaching influence.

Both should not be let down. 
So, I have to try. When ideas fail, and I turned over pages somewhat desperately, the word “all” suddenly leaped to my eyes, reminding me that the work of the filmmakers would be like drawing a world on a paper by sheer imagination. It is about creating all in the human world, and would exhausts efforts and dedication in countless days and nights. The only difference is that the film can’t be created by a single person, but the hard work of countless people. Even if it succeeds, there are still thousands of workers who are unknown. Caring about nothing brought by the glare before the stage, those just forging ahead firmly are the real heroes. And this work is right designed for them.

I am grateful to the Shanghai International Film Festival for the trust, to Mr. WAN Laiming, the creators of HAVOC IN HEAVEN, and to the unsung heroes who have devoted all to the film art.


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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