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Film, as an essential medium of cultural exchanges among people of all countries, has long been a major channel for mutual understanding among different civilizations. The inheritance, development and promotion of film culture require efforts from relevant cultural organizations and film institutions around the world. Beyond all that, these organizations and institutions should strengthen exchanges and cooperation to reach a better development prospect and more practically, enrich the choices of film watching for the international audience. Thus, 31 film institutions representatives from 29 countries gathered at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival and signed on behalf of their organizations and institutions a Memorandum on Establishment of “Belt and Road” Film Festival Alliance on June 16, 2018 in Shanghai, PRC (“China”), agreeing to establish a film cultural exchange and cooperation alliance (“Film Festival Alliance”). 

We, the undersigned institution, are willing to join this Film Festival Alliance and agree to fulfill the content of cooperation of the Film Festival Alliance as follows:

1. Intensify the spread and exchanges of culture and art by means of films.

2. Enhance the communication and understanding of cultural customs and traditions among countries by means of films.

3. Advance the holding of film exhibition and other activities for films of each country in film festivals or film institutions of other countries.

4. Advance the recommendation of jury members and guests for film festivals and related events among the countries.

5. Strengthen communication and cooperation in film production, co-production and distribution among the countries.

6. Set up and promote the information sharing mechanism among the signing parties.


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